Sunday, 22 February 2015

Antique Floral Rose Nails

Hey guys! I have a wonderful floral mani for you today that I created using water decals!

So when I first started blogging which is coming up to a year ago now, I was massively into decals especially from Born Pretty Store and Sassy Nailz. They were a super easy way to create nail art without having to actually sit down for ages drawing lines etc… The other day I came across my decal folder and decided to create another mani using decals!

I love all things floral decals and these caught my eye straight away!

I debated just doing an accent nail, mainly because I love the polish I used as a base from Rimmel. But I decided to go all out and do all of my nails with a decal because it only takes a few minutes and the end result is so pretty.

These decals also come with little glitter dots in the centre of some of the roses which makes it look like I put loads of effort into the mani and the truth is it took me about 15 mins! Ooops!

So I started with my base which is a Kate polish from Rimmel London called Soul Session and then when they were dry I began cutting the decals off the sheet. Sadly these don't seem to be on Born Pretty Store anymore for me to share a link but they have so many pretty ones on there still so I wouldn't worry!

Once I have cut the decals out you dimly peel off the plastic cover and dip into water for about 20 seconds. Then slide the decal off the backing paper and place over the nail. If the decal isn't sticking very well just pat the decal with some tissue.

Then I sealed it all in with my Seche Vite and cleaned up the excess decal with acetone!

Ta Dah! So simple and so effective!

What do you think? Feel free to leave your links to decals below I would love to see what you have been making!


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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Revlon Prime & Anti Shine Review

Super quick bonus post for you today on a product that I picked up from Boots the other day!

As a girl with super oily skin, I get very excited when I see anything with Matte or Anti Shine written on it so this caught my eye straight away… I have to admit I don't like the packaging. I think it is a rather ridiculous size for the amount of product you actually get and wish it was a little more compact. But non the less I still wanted to try it and into my basket it went.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Valentines Nails - Take 1

Quick Valentines Day nail idea for todays post! These nails were super easy to create and all I used was cellotape, nail polish, nail scissors and acetone.

Im super excited for Valentines day, even if my boyfriend isn't.. I guess I'm just soppy at heart… so I decided to create some nails a bit early! And I am hoping to create some more in the week if I have time to give you guys some quick and easy ideas!

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