Monday, 8 December 2014

GHD Rose Gold Styler Gift Set Review

Hey guys! Super cool post today as I was lucky enough to be chosen by Look Fantastic to review their GHD Rose Gold Styler Gift Set which I was blown away by.

I have always been a massive fan of GHD with their being the brand my hairdressers have always used on me. About 7 years ago I got my very first pair and I loved them! They were bright pink and I used them pretty much every day for a long time.. but as I grew up I kind of left my hair a bit more natural, or curled it, or used my straighteners but didn't enjoy it as much because I am a bit more grown up now and although I am still a girlie girl they are a bit too much of a childish colour for me.

Also over the last year I have noticed that they have not been working anywhere near as well as they used to… I had been thinking a lot about asking for a new pair for christmas but hadn't really got round to it, so when I saw I was being sent this beautiful new pair I was so happy!

As soon as these new straighteners arrived at the door I fell in love. They are packaged in the most elegant and simple black and rose gold box. Inside is a wonderful set containing:

  • 1 pair of GHD Rose Gold V Stylers
  • 2 GHD hair clips
  • 1 Rose Gold trimmer heat mat which turns into a carry case
  • 1 GHD Nose cover

This set honestly has everything a girl needs to create any style of hair (except for a brush) and the thing that most separates these from my old pair are the super curved edges and corners. This developed design means you can not only create sleek straight locks, but also curls, waves, flicks, anything you fancy really! I was never able to create curls with my old pair and conveniently my curlers have decided that they want to just burn my hair off all the time… so now I have two products in one and don't need to replace my babyliss curlers.

Other than the fact these straighteners are amazing, the set is perfect too. The heat mat doubles as a protective case, perfect for taking these straighteners away with you and the rose gold detailing makes it look so stylish and much more grown up which is just what I needed!

Everything is branded with the GHD logo in rose gold and I love how the whole set goes well together. They all pack away nicely into one bag and even the clips have little slots in the case so they can't get lost.

And if I couldn't big this product up anymore I just have to include how much of a joy they are to use… I feel so cool using these and I don't feel childish at all. This stunning design is truly beautiful to look at and the light up detailing that tells you they are on and ready is so pretty and subtle.

The fact that they even include a nose cover to keep them locked close when you are finish and want to put them away just makes them feel so much more expensive and like you are getting your moneys worth. GHD have thought about everything and have produced a product that is far more superior to their past sets in terms of styling, safety and value for money. The straighteners even come with a sleep mode that shuts them down after 30 minutes of non use to prevent any risk of over heating.

These pictures show you how well they straightened my long hair but also allowed me to put a little flick at the front of my fringe to keep my hair out of my eyes.

Overall these are amazing. They are sold online at Look Fantastic here for £130 which may seem expensive when you can buy others in Boots for like £40 but those brands of straightens are nothing in comparison to GHD's. These are such good quality and you are getting such a complete product for your money. I know that I will probably not need to replace these now for a good 10 years + and I am so happy that I was lucky enough to be sent them so I can't thank Look Fantastic enough.

If you are thinking of purchasing these after this post then I would definitely recommend using Look Fantastic due to their incredible customer service… I have never had a problem with any of my products and they always have amazing deals on. For example today they have a 25% off code so you could get these straighteners for just under £100 which is amazing!

This is not a sponsored post although the product was sent to me, but all views are truly my own and I wouldn't promote or compliment a product I didn't think was worth the praise.

I hope you have liked this post and let me know your favourite styler in the comments below!


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