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GlossyBox for Harvey Nichols - The Christmas Edit

Hey guys! Today I have an amazing box review for you which you have probably already read all about before but I was super busy when it arrived and didn't get the time to write a post quicker. This box is a collaboration between department store giants Harvey Nichols and subscription box gurus Glossybox. First all I can think about when I see this box is WOW… There are so many amazing products crammed in!

Next I sadly have to mention the price.. This box was £35 (plus p&p) which is crazy for a box of samples, but this is no ordinary box of sample (its an M&S box of samples… just kidding) it is a super sized box of samples with products from high end brands that you don't usually get in the standard subscription boxes. I was so sad to part with this much money at first.. but it was so worth it and I am so happy I did.

This box comes so beautifully wrapped up with ribbon, stickers and a detailed guide on the products included. Way better than the usual Birchbox description cards.

I almost wish I brought two of these boxes so I could give one to my Mum or Aunt but I am a student and for that reason I was selfish and I do not regret it ;)

The first product you will see in the box straight away is the gold beauty that is SHOW Beauty - Divine Thickening Lotion. How stunning is this packaging? It is most definitely the most beautiful product I own now and although I already have super thick hair I will probably use this every time I was my hair just to feel like a queen when the bottle is inn my hand! 

Love love love. Also full size!! This is worth £40 alone so it has already covered my box cost!

Next is the Benefit They're Real sample (worth £6.88) which is a product I have heard so much about and have been wanting to try for ages! I have to say I am not disappointed at all! Lovely long lashes but I just hate how hard it is to get off.. it is so off-putting when you go to put it on! Still a great product to have in the box.

Then we have the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (worth £17.80). Also a product I have heard a lot about… I have not really gotten on with this primer. Well its more that I haven't found that it has helped at all. It feels super nice on application but I tend to get on better with silicone based primers like the Benefit Porefessional or the Garnier Instant Blur. I am still happy to have received this as it has meant I now know that I don't need to go and spend £29 on a full sized to test it.

Next is a mini Nars Satin Lip Pencil Rikugien (worth £13.90) which I have been lusting after for a long time! I am so happy that this was part of the box and really want to try more Nars products, as my mum and dad have discovered from my Christmas wish list! This is also the perfect sized sample and I would be so happy to receive these in future subscription boxes!

One of my personal favourites from this box is the Harvey Nichols candle which some people may think is crazy! But I am obsessed with candles at the moment with it being winter! This smells so good and I may just have to purchase the set of 4 but I am struggling with the idea of parting with £30 for some candles :/ I got the 'Dinning Candle' and I have no idea what my candles sent is but it smells so darn good! (worth £7.50)

Then we have the Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum (worth £19.16) which seems CRAZY for such a small bottle but I guess it must work! Although I am yet to find out because I can't get it out of the opening? I have shaken it as much as I can but still nada.. I will find a way some day and report back!

Up next is the Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser (worth £15) which is crazy in both name and price. This little baby is £150 for a 50ml tube.. and this 5ml tester is literally so small. There is hardly any in the tube but I can now say I have tried a £150 moisturiser made of bee venom and it didn't hurt!

Then (so many products, need more starting words) we have the Elemis Pro - Collagen Marine Cream (worth £20) which is an anti ageing cream so isn't really my cup of tea as a student but this smells so good and leaves you skin feeling so smooth that I am happy to use it an prevent the wrinkles from forming!

Next is the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment (worth £1.70) which I have already used up! It smells so divine and leaves my hair feeling nourishes and healthy! 

Then we have the La Coupe Coconut and Macadamia Oil Hair treatment (worth £3.60) which is one treatment size but could probably do short hair twice. I haven't tried this yet because my hair is feeling pretty good thanks to the Macadamia Oil but when my hair is feeling a bit more sorry for itself I will definitely be whipping this out and giving it a try.

Lastly! Phewww.. we have the O.P.I Avoplex Moisture Replenishing Lotion (worth £8.50) which is probably the only real disappointment in this box. People who bought this box could receive either this hand cream or an O.P.I nail polish in the most beautiful Purple colour! I was so wanting that polish but even though I got the hand cream I am still happy because it is a product I have not tried and hand cream is a product I really need to start using more!

Wow! I am so impressed with this box! The contents came to a massive £149 for all the sample sizes and that is almost 5 times the amount I paid! Unfortunately this was a limited edition box and sold out pretty quickly but if you want to checkout Glossy Box or Harvey Nichols websites click their names in bold.

I am so tempted to subscribe to Glossy Box but at this moment in time I just really don't have the money to :/ 

I hope you liked seeing what was inside the box and let me know if you have any product suggestions to try or your holy grails in the comments!


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