Thursday, 15 January 2015

Checkered Print Nails - Winter Scarf Inspired

Hey guys! Quick photo filled post for today which I hope you will enjoy because I have had these nails on for a week now and I probably won't take them off for as long as possible!

Last christmas I brought myself a scarf from Urban Outfitters that is dark purple , tan, white and black. I was obsessed with this scarf all of last winter/spring and the same for this winter so I thought I would create some nails inspired by them.

Although these nails are not the dark purple of the scarf they look so much like it that I'm so happy with how they turned out. 

I chose to use Essie Bikini So Teeny for a brighter base, purely because I missed that beautiful colour and needed to use it. But as these turned out so well I will definitely re create them with a darker polish on the base. Let me know if there are any colours you would like to see together in a check mani.

To create these I took this stunning checkered plate from Born Pretty Store. It worked so so well and I'm really impressed.

To start I painted my base of Bikini So Teeny and once dry began to add random stripes of tan and white polish where I thought appropriate. 

Then I took my favourite black from Rimmel london and begun stamping over the lines. I will admit I missed it up a few times and had to gently scratch off the wrong lines but that is the beauty of stamping… You can correct mistakes easily!

After a little bit of clean up I simply top coated with my Seche Vite and left to dry!

Taa Dahh! I love them and I think a few people will too! I know they aren't perfect and have a few smudges but they are good enough for me!

Feel free to link in the comments any of your nail designs for me to checkout. Especially similar ones!


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  1. They're gorgeous! I'd keep them on for as long as possibly too. Really cute x


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