Sunday, 25 January 2015

Burgundy Polka Dot Nails

Hey guys! Two posts for you today and kicking them off with this Burgandy Mani I created using Essie Sole Mate and a trusty old black from Collection.

This was a really hard mani to photograph because the colours were so similar to each other that you couldn't really see the details. I had originally done this deliberately to create a kind of secret mani that just looked like one colour but was actually more interesting. I hadn't really thought about how I would actually show you guys what it looked like.

It was super easy to create this mani as all I did was paint a base of Sole Mate and then add polka dots with the black and seal it all in with my Seche Vite. This mani literally took like 15 mins including drying time.

Here I have massively edited the picture so that you can see the details so bare in mind it didn't look that the pics above and below.

I really liked how they turned out and think that people who have to wear plain nails to work could definitely get away with this look and it could  even be done with lighter colours such as a pretty light pink and white dots.

Sadly I am having a massive problem with my base coats at the moment. For some reason no matter what base I use my polish has started peeling off within like 2 days. I don't know whether its because I work in a workshop lifting heavy items and sanding furniture etc or whether my nails have just changed, but if you have any got to base coats you would recommend, please leave them below.

I hope you like this secret mani and ill be posting again later!


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  1. These are really gorgeous, I love the subtle look of this manicure! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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