Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Busy Bee Scented Magik Beanz Review

Today I have a quick post on my newest addiction… Melts! Melts are a type of candle wax that you place in the top of an oil burner or melt warmer to create a nice scent in the room.

Most people will know of the Yankee Candle melts but I much prefer these! These are mini wax melts created by a Welsh company called Busy Bee Candles, which they call Magik Beanz. The idea is to place a couple of these into the top of your burner and leave to melt, but because they are so small and individually shaped, they can be mixed with other scent to create your own magical cocktail! 

I picked up two pots of these when I went to Tenby with my extended family but when I found out they had an online shop I went a bit mad and picked up more (and some for my mums birthday shh).

They have hundreds of different scents and I have about 10 of them but will definitely be trying more! My favourites are Mango & Papaya Smoothie and Strawberry Crush but all of them are lovely so far. They are also great because there are different strengths you can choose from if you have a more sensitive nose…

They say to place 5 beans in at a time but I have only been using 2 at once at that is plenty to fill the room with the scent and you can re burn them twice before they loose their smell. Once that happens simply place your burner in the freezer for 10 mins and the wax will pop off the top so you can throw it away. Or if you have no room in the freezer I like to put a tea light in once lit, wait for about 30 seconds before the wax can melt properly and pop it out with my fingers. Be careful though.

Overall these are amazing. I look forward to choosing a new scent everyday when I get home from work and I feel calm and relaxed with one on. Busy Bee also so candles, wax tarts and burners. My burner was a gift from my boyfriend and not from Busy Bee but they have some great ones. As you can see mine is pretty well used and needs a good wash!

If you are interested in trying some they often have 5% off codes on but one pot of Magik Beanz containing 15 beans costs £1.75 which is hardly anything for nearly 8 fresh uses and 8 other second uses. They really are worth it and they cost pennies. Checkout their website here.

I hope you liked this post! Leave a comment with any other melts you recommend.


PS. I was not sponsored, I bought all the items with my own money and all views are my own.
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  1. I've wanted to try this company of candles for ages but I'm trying to use up my Yankee candles first! These look absolutely amazing, looks like such a great company!

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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