Sunday, 31 August 2014

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara Review

Beauty post today guys!!

I recently purchased this new Rimmel London mascara from Superdrug when they had a £2 off and free eyeliner offer on which was AMAZING and I couldn't resist.

It is the Wonder'full mascara with Argan Oil and I decided to try this mascara out for a week before reviewing it because I wanted to give a honest and backed up review!

I have to say I have been LOVING this product. They marketed this as their Rimmel Secret Weapon and I can see why they did but it didn't necessarily make me want to buy it… There have been much better marketing campaigns from them yet I still brought it due to its beautiful packaging!

The packaging works perfectly with the 'secret' ingredient which is Argan Oil. Now at first I didn't really think that this would make much difference to the product, and I can't say I felt a massive difference while applying the mascara but what I can say is that in just one week I have seen a big difference it the length and strength of my lashes.

Before I would have a few gaps due to lashes falling out on removal on mascaras in the evening but since using this my lashes have had better staying power and that is also maybe helped by the fact this mascara seems to wipe off super easily!

Here is a picture after just one coat of the mascara which shows how well it separates the lashes and coats them without clumping! 

This is due to the silicone flex brush which separates each lash and makes them look long and sleek. For me it is a slightly too delicate and I like my lashes to be bold….. So I did a second coat.

This is a picture after two coats, letting the mascara dry only slightly between application. I love how this looks. There are hardly any clumps and they look bigger, fatter and bolder! Love it.

To show you the difference here is a 1 coat and 2 coat comparison.

LOVE it.

I have to say I do have one problem with the mascara which is that it seems to slightly flake off during the day, leaving a few tiny black dots on my cheek. But this is something that only seems to happen when I have been wearing it for a long time so maybe I have knocked my lashes and not realised. Who knows.

Also how cute it my brush holder!

Overall I love this mascara. I wouldn't say it was a wonder product…. but I will definitely keep using it because it makes my eyes look great and my lashes feel healthier. At £7.99 it is a great price and definitely worth it for a clump free, defined look!

Keep an eye out for deals at Boots and Superdrug on this mascara if you want an even better deal but I will be repurchasing this when I need to on offer or not! Boots have £2 off deal RIGHT NOW. So goo hereeee!

Hope you liked this post! 


Also stayed tuned for a bonus super exciting post on tuesday! (I may be giving a few things away…hint hint wink wink)

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  1. Great review! I really like the packaging of this mascara too! I agree about the secret weapon advertising campaign, it didn't really persuade me to buy it! Your lashes look great after 2 coats! I might just have to pick this up! :)


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