Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Barry M Swatches - Matte 2014

IM BACK!!! Hey guys, sorry for the absence in posts the last week but I was away on holiday and I had a wonderful time!

To make up for my absence I have a photo filled post for you this evening and a post tomorrow!

(Sorry in advance for those on mobile if there are massive gaps between swatches…)

So for today I have the last part of my Barry M Swatches that I promised and they will not disappoint.

These are 6 matte polishes that Barry M released as their Summer Matte Collection and we will kick it off with Cancun which is a stunning teal colour.

This is the perfect colour for those polish lovers who aren't a fan of the more girly colours such as pinks and reds…. This drys to a matte finish and as always these polishes have been swatched with two coats and no topcoat.

Next is Miami which was a very popular colour on my holiday as I took a box of polishes with me and did peoples nails… (all will be explained in my post tomorrow). This is quite a Barbie pink and may not be for everyone but is honestly such a pretty colour that is lovely for summer.

Then we have Waikiki which is one of my favs as I am a massive fan of lime green as all my best mates and flat mates will know! Again this dries to a perfect matte finish and looks great with the accent nail I created.

Next with a different accent nail we have Malibu which is a statement blue that everyone should have as part of their blue collection and I know that this will be featuring in many nail art posts in the future.

Rhossili is up next and is a lovely pinky purple that reminds me of the kind of flowers you see in summer gardens… I think this would look so pretty with a LBD.

Finally we have Copa Cabana, a bright royal red which I didn't actually think I would like as I am not a massive red person but I actually love this polish!

I love all of these polishes and think that they are the best matte polishes I have tried yet. I also have the Barry M matte topcoat which is perfect and I can do a post on it if people are interested… Both accent nails are topped with the matte coat and I love it!

I am pretty happy with how these swatches turned out and I hope you guys like them too!


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  1. Lovely swatches - I love the blue and teal. I also love the swirly pattern you've done to go with your swatches. Really adds something a bit extra x


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