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My Top 20 Beauty Products of 2014

Hey guys so I have a super long and picture filled post for you today, outlining my top 20 beauty products of 2014. I realise that this is pretty late and people did these kind of 'favourites of 2014' posts ages ago but yanno… I was ill so give a girl a break.

All of the products are items that I have worn non stop throughout 2014 or fell in love with in 2014 and I know I will still use them for a long time to come so I thought I would share my favourites with you.

I am going to try and keep things pretty short as there are a lot of products to talk about but there may be some a ramble on about so I'm sorry!

1. Primer - L'Oreal Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur Primer. (£12.99) This is an amazing primer for all those oily skinned girls out there! It fills in all of my pores and keep me more matte than pretty much all primers out there. I have just started using the Smashbox Pore Minimising Primer and I love that now but I had to include this L'Oreal one because I really did wear it for all of 2014.

2. Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair 01. (£4.19) There is not much that needs to be said about this! Pretty much all Bloggers and Youtubers will have heard loads of people rave about it and I love it too. High coverage and no creasing gets a massive tick from me!

3. Foundation - Rimmel Wake Me Up in 010 Light Porcelain. (£8.99) Now I am a crazily oily skinned girl, but as much as I love matte foundations to keep the oil at bay, I find they really can make your skin look flat. For pretty much all of 2014 I added one pump of this foundation to any matte foundation I was using to create a more natural and healthy look. It has a slight shimmer in it to make your skin glow and is probably one of the best matches for my ginger skin tone that I have found.

4. Shampoo - Herbal Essences Clearly Naked 0% Volume Shampoo. (£3.99) Sorry for the jump between makeup and hair products I clearly didn't think when photographing the products… This shampoo is AMAZING. It smells delicious and whilst giving my hair more body it also keeps it looking and feeling healthy.

5. Blush - M.A.C Kelly Osbourne - Cheeky Bugger. (£18.00) If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have just seen my review and swatch of this. I absolutely love this blush. Although I didn't have it for a massive part of 2014 it is definitely the best I used as it is the perfect peach pink shade.

6. Nail Polish - Essie - Bikini so Teeny. (£7.99) This is and forever will be my favourite nail polish of all time. The best cornflour blue ever. The end.

7. Powder - L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder. (£6.99) Although I hate that L'Oreal have added BB to this product as it doesn't seem relevant at all… this is the best and most finely milled powder I have found. It does seem to slightly oxidise on my skin but other than that I love it.

8. Mascara - Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara. (£19.99) This is my holy grail mascara. I always go back to it even though I went through a stage of liking the Rimmel Wonder'ful mascara with argan oil it still does not trump this. If you are yet to try it I highly recommend it, especially if you like volume and length.

9. Eyeshadow - Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - 65 Pink Gold. (£4.99) I realise it looks like a horrible colour in my picture (I don't know why) but this is such a pretty baby pink cream eye shadow with a metallic gold finish. I wore this pretty much every day to work because it is so quick to apply with your fingers.

10. Lipstick - L'Oreal Collection PrivĂ©e Nudes - Julianne's Nude. (£6.99) I would love to say my best lippy is M.A.C Russian Red which is gorgeous but this is actually the shade I have worn nearly everyday. 

It has the creamiest of formulas without turning into anything glossy which I would hate. It is also the perfect your lips but better colour and teamed with a nude lipliner, lasts all day. It also looks great with the blush. ;)

11. Make up Brushes - Real Techniques Nik's Picks. (£29.99) Real Techniques have got to be my go to brush brand for the quality, price and lasting power. I loved this collection because of the luxe feel from the silver handles and the fact all the brushes in the set were ones I would use. Checkout here what other brushes are in my makeup bag.

12.  Bronzer - Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - Milk Chocolate. (£25.00) I reviewed this product in Summer here and I have still not gotten over the smell of this or even made a dent in the pan. I have used this literally everyday since I got it and I haven't even hit pan yet. I am so glad I invested in this. Read my review to hear more.

13. Eye Make-up Remover - Garnier Fresh Eye Make-up Remover. (£3.45) I tried the Garnier 2 in 1 waterproof remover and absolutely hated it! It removed nothing so went straight back to this beauty which removes everything so quickly. Simply pour some onto a cotton pad. Press gently onto your eyes for 30 seconds and wipe off. Love love love.

14. Eyeliner - Soap and Glory Super Cat Liner. (£6.00) I was lucky enough to pick this up on Cohorted for such a good price that I can't remember but this is the best liner pen I have tried so far. It doesn't seem to dry out and leaves a nice deep black line.

15. Eyebrow Product - L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper - Transparent. (£5.99) I have tried quite a few brow gels, liners, pencils, shapers and the one product I have enjoyed using the most out of everything had to be this brow gel. It sets my brows in place all day and has a cute little brush much like the Beneft Gimme Brow just without the fibres. Great product.

16. Toner - Dr Jart Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner. (£18.00) I was lucky enough to receive this in a Birchbox and I am so glad I did. I like to use this at the end of my morning face routine to tighten my pores for the day ahead. It works a treat.

17. Cleanser - Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. (£4.99) This has been amazing at clearing up my blackheads and keeping my spots under control. I was also lucky enough to get a Magnitone Lucid for Christmas which works so well with this cleanser. My skin has never felt so good!

18. Face Mask - Soap and Glory The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Facial Mask and Peel. (£10.00) Now I LOVE this product but I have no idea why it says '& Peel' because this is not a peel at all. It is a very creamy exfoliating task mask that clears my pores out so well whilst also having a nice mint scent that is calming and cooling.

19. Serum - Elemis FreshSkin Skin Clear Overnight Serum. (£18.00) This product confuses me so much. I am not a massive fan of the texture, I don't really enjoy using it… but it seems to be the only thing that makes a dramatic difference in my skin. If I don't use this every evening I regret it and my skin makes sure I do. Since using this I have had hardly any spots and my skin has been a lot plumper. As you can see I am getting close to needing a new one!

20. Hair Product - KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray. (£13.50) This has to be by far my favourite product of the whole of 2014. I received this in a Birchbox and a Look Fantastic box and oh my gosh its amazing. A few squirts of this all over my hair and I have noticed a massive difference in the dry time of my hair. It smells incredible and I am always excited to use it. (Just remember to shake it first)

Pheww that was a crazy long post so congrats if you made it to the end! It seems like L'Oreal were my favourite brand of 2014 appearing a number of times!

Let me know in the comments what you favourite product of 2014 was and if you liked this post!

Thanks for reading!


P.S I did not pay full price for any of these items… I am a bargain hunter and I'm sure you can find this at discounted prices too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these! Most of these products I've never used before so its nice to get some new recommendations. We are the same foundation shade, so I'll definitely be picking up that Too Faced bronzer because if it works for you, hopefully it'll work for me!

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles


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