Sunday, 18 January 2015

Birchbox January Review and Contents

Hey guys! Time for another Birchbox and this months its not going to be such a positive post as I am really disappointed with its contents.

This months theme is Hit Refresh and for this Birchox partnered up with Womens Health to create a box that is supposed to help you get fit and healthy in 2015. I love the little book that comes in the box with helpful tips and exercises but the rest goes downhill..

First up we have Stila Lip Glaze in the shade Glaze which is full size (RRP £15) which most people will probably be really happy with but I hate anything remotely glossy or sticky so I'm not even going to open this. It will just be a gift for someone. I am really interested in trying other products from Stila though…

Next is Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (RRP £4.50 for 10ml) which I will admit I might use. My Elemis serum is running low and it could use this after but its not really targeted to any of my skin problems so I'm not sure whether it would have the same effect. It feels a bit like this box is targeted to people older than my age.

Then we have Embrace Matcha Green Tea (RRP £24.95 for 25 bags) which sadly is also something I won't use as I hate green tea but my boyfriend will love this and I do kind of think it sounds cool. It can be used for cold or hot drinks and sounds like its jam packed of pretty good things!

Also we have HealGel Intensice (RRP £3.75 for this 5ml tube) which is not particularly attractive to me at all as I have oily skin which is usually pretty healthy. I am going to safe this as in these cold winter months I might get a dry patch (although unlikely) but you never know!

Then the box included Phillip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner (RRP £1.52 for 20ml) which I will take on holiday but I'm not really excited to use. When it comes to conditioner I like it to be repairing or nourishing. I prefer body building in my shampoo, but at least this means I won't need to go and buy a travel size hair conditioner for summer holidays.

Lastly I received the ActivBod Cooling Finish Lotion (RRP £2.40) which I also have no use for. Im pretty bad when it comes to exercising but even if I went to the gym everyday I don't actually know what this would do that would make me ever want to buy a full size…

Sadly I am very disappointed in this box and with my subscription coming to an end I'm not too sure what to do… I loved my first months but I have not been too impressed recently.

This box was worth £28.16 which isn't awful as you pay around £10 for the box. But considering I will use about £5 worth of this stuff I am defiantly not happy.

There was also an excerise band in the box which I have given to my mum but is no use to me really..

What did you think of this months Birchbox?


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  1. I was also very disappointed with my box. I was excited to try the Ren and HealGel things but I didn't get either of them! I'm in the same position as you; my subscription has ended and I don't know if I should renew it after the last two months being disappointing x

    1. I also really wanted the Ren! I feel like Birchbox need a better quiz to cater for peoples needs! I am constantly getting products aimed at people older than me :/ my nan and mum get everything!


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