Thursday, 20 November 2014

Look Fantastic November Box Review

Hey guys! For this post I am reviewing another beauty box! Which seems mad…. I have gone from getting none to reviewing 2 or 3 boxes a month! My bank balance does not like me right now… But my face does! Tehee

This time is the November edition of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box and it is their best one yet! I was pretty confused when my box turned up because it had no box cards and as the products are all samples, some do not have instructions on the back. I contacted LF and got no response which I think is pretty rude seeing as it is their mistake.

Anyway after working out what each product was for I fell in love with this box!

First off we have to mention the Glam Glow… I have been wanting to try a product from their range for a long time and lets just say it doesn't disappoint! My pores felt clear and tights after using this mask and although I really HATE the massive lumps of leaves in the mask…. if it works as well as it did first time I really can't complain and ill just ignore the blobs. I am super impressed at LF for getting this in a box and would love to receive samples of the other masks to review in future!

Next is the Eve Lom Cleansing Balm. This is a classic balm cleanser that you can use to cleanse or to remove makeup with a muslin cloth. The first thing I have to say is that this stuff STINKS. It smells horrible… really horrible and it hate using it. But it does do the job…. it leaves my skin feeling clean and clear (and under control ;) hahhaa comment if you get that) and it is a very good cleanser but I spend the whole time using it with my nose wrinkled up and eyes closed because the smell is so overpowering!

Next is a Lip Crayon from New CID. I love New CID…. I don't have many of their products but I love their primer and this is a great addition to my small collection. It is a nice colour and I am wearing it in the pic above. Love.

Then we have some kind of product from NUXE. I haven't worked out what this is but I'm not really interested… the front of the packaging is in french and I understand french well enough to know this is an anti ageing product. For me I am a teenager and these products don't interest me. I wish LF would stop including them…

Next is a Recovery Balm from Monu which has been a life saver. I have had a few breakouts this month and smoothing this over my skin just before bed has totally calmed my skin. The only other comment I have is that the sample bottle is sooooooooooooooo thick that it is almost impossible to get anything out of the packaging. I can't squeeze it with my weak fingers! Other than that it is fab.

Then last we have a Hand Cream from Hand Chemistry. I am not a massive hand cream kind of girl but I love it! My hands feel super smooth and healthy after using this and it has made its way into my handbag for everyday use!

Overall other than problems with customer service, smells and packaging… this is an AMAZING box and I have signed up to the December box already. Hope they just keep getting better and better.

The only other comment I have about these boxes is that when they advertise these boxes they say that 5 lucky customers will find specially bonus products in their box but so far I have not seen anyone get anything. I have searches twitter and instagram and I hope they are not false advertising something that doesn't exist. If anyone knows anyone who has got the bonus treats then let me know because Id hate to think that a company I love so much has been leading customers on!

Anyway I hope you have a lovely day and I have a mani post coming up on Sunday…


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  1. I can't believe how good these products are, I'm seriously considering cancelling my Glossybox and signing up to Look Fantastic!x

  2. These products look amazing!


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