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November Birchbox Review

Hey guys! Its that time again BIRCHBOX!

I think beauty boxes may have become my obsession and I am already signed up for the alerts for the Glossybox with Harvey Nichols AND I have another beauty box review coming this week! They are such a good way to find new products you haven't heard of or wanted to try but didnt want to splurge…

So this months Birchbox theme is 'Cosy at Home' which is filled with products that are meant to help you get through the cold winter months! As usual the box was filled with a selection of cards with hints, tips and product information… but also this months cards had my face on!!! (above pic, bottom right)

Each month they have a sample selfie competition where you can win a full size version of your favourite sample if you take a picture with it. You can enter this on instagram, twitter and Facebook.

Anyway onto the box! First ill start with my favourite things from the box… Birchboxers were lucky enough to receive a full size product from Dr. Jart +. Each subscriber could receive one of 5 different products and although I have heard of this brand before they somehow managed to send me the exact right product for my skin. I have a massive problem with large pores so I was super excited to get the Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner. This is full sized and is usually sold for £18 so this has covered my subscription cost already (£10 a month + £2.95 postage). I have already fallen in love with this product due to the fact that unlike most toners it has a spray pump and straight away after the first use I could see my pores were tighter! I don't know if I think its worth £18 though..

Next is a Protect & Detangle spray by Beauty Protector (£14 full size/£1.50 sample size ish) which has added to my current hair care obsession after I found a new holy grail hair product in my last Birchbox (see what it was here). It is a leave in conditioner which claims to (deep breath) : 

Instant Detangler
Thermal Protector
UV Protector
Seal Cuticles
Smoothes Hair
Locks in Colour
Adds Shine
Non - Greasy

I can't say yet whether it fulfils all of these claims but it definitely helped with detangling and combined with my miracle product from last months Birchbox, hair drying time is so much shorter than it used to be which makes drying my hair so much more enjoyable. Plus is smells delicious!

Next is the lifestyle sample which was a Montezuma's Mini Milk Bar (£2.39 for 100g/70p sample size) which lets be honest everyone was probably happy to receive!

Also include was a Welda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil (£11.95 full size/£1.95 sample size) which to be honest isn't really my thing but I am open to trying and will give it a go one night when I need to have a nice deep sleep.

Next is a Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer (£19 full size/£3.00 sample size) which made me laugh so much because it is the size of a pan eye shadow. If it was an eye shadow they were sampling I wouldn't be disappointed at all but how an earth am I meant to fit my bronzer brush into this pan?! This will definitely be used as an eye shadow instead!

Last is a sample of the English Laundry perfume in Signature for Her (£60 full size). Don't really think its fair that this is counted as a sample because lets be honest I can barely get 2 proper uses of this size product… Also I don't have £60 to spend on a perfume so I haven't even smelt it! 

Overall this is a pretty good Birchbox… Take away my perfume sample and swap it for the O.P.I polish that some subscribers got and I would be super happy! The box comes to a total of £25ish which isn't the best total for a Birchbox… but I really can't complain because I love three of the 6 products and I have gotten nearly double my moneys worth!

I love the cards that were included and seeing my face on the cards was an added bonus! This will defiantly help me get through the winter months!

Thanks Birchbox… and if you want to subscribe, sign up using the code NOV5 to get your first box for £7.95!

Checkout last months review here.


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