Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Red Polka Dot Nail Art

Hey guys! I hope you are all good and enjoying this beautiful winter weather! Today I have a quick post on these super easy but incredibly effective nails!

I created these a few days ago and I have fallen in love with how they look. They were so easy to create but they look so good and I have had so many compliments… especially from people asking where I got my nail wraps from.

To start I simply used my base coat (Bourjois) and 2 coats of Rimmel London - Rapid Ruby and then I left this to completely dry.

When the base was dry I just began creating little dots on the nail using the thin end of a dotting tool and Models Own White light hyper gel. I tried to keep the dots as uniform as I possibly could but its not very easy and pretty hard to notice anyway.

I LOVE how these turned out and will definitely be trying this again with different coloured bases and maybe some floral nail art on the sides.

This honestly only took my like 20 mins from start to finish and that was more because of drying time and me trying to be precise. Try this look if you want to dabble in nail art but don't have to time or patience to try something more elaborate. This will look so effortless and everyone will be asking you too where you got your wraps from.

If you don't have a dotting tool.. don't fret. Anything with a round blunt point would do, including bobby pins, sewing pins (put something over the sharp end) a ball point pen… etc..

Let me know if you have tried this or whether you are going to try it in future by leaving a comment below.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.


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    1. Soo cute and very tidy. Really do look like wraps :)

      Gill x


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