Monday, 17 November 2014

Autumn Leaves Gradient Nails

Hello everyone! Todays post is a little bit late going up but it turns out that someone who is way better than me at nail art posted some very similar nails just before I was about to post mine…. So I didn't want mine to look poor in comparison and decided to hold off on posting them for a while.

I am a true lovely of autumnal colours and berry has always been my go to polish and lip colour, so autumn nail art is super exciting for me! I thought these up one night when I couldn't sleep and sadly they didn't turn out quite as neat as I hope (I think I need a smaller brush) but I am still super happy with them.

The base colour is Bourjois Violine Chic which is more of a purple toned berry but I LOVE how in some lights it looks brown and in some it looks purple. It is the perfect fall and winter shade!

To create the gradient I took Models Own Juicy Jules and Barry M Pink Silver Glitter on a little sponge and begun to push down on the bottom of my nails until I got the desired effect. This took a few tries.

Then after applying my Seche Vite topcoat, I created some outlines of autumn leaves with my Models own White Light polish and left to dry. When it was dry I begun creating the details on the leaves using a mixture of yellow, orange, red and brown polishes.

I then sealed it all in with my Orly Shine topcoat and cleaned up any edges. There was quite a bit of glitter left around my nails and if I did this again I would tape of my fingers.

Overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out and they are making me feel so seasonal!

I hope you like them too. If so let me know in the comments and ill be posting again soon!


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  1. I think these look awesome! I love the fall colours, and it's such a great idea to pajnt the leaves on top of the glitter!

  2. These are adorable, you're so creative! Great post :)


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