Sunday, 14 December 2014

Winter Leaves Nail Gradient

Hey guys! So todays post is slightly behind in the times considering that everyones already moved onto wintery type nail art and I'm still stuck on Autumn nails here! But who cares?!

Also don't worry I will be doing wintery manis as I love winter nails but I was very kindly sent some plates to review by Born Pretty Store which included this beautiful Autumn Leaf Plate.

With the plates they also sent me a new squishy stamper and scraper. My old stamper and scraper were actually also from BPS but I have had them for a few years now I think….

To create this mani I started with a warm brown gradient base using a wet sponge from pound land and 3 polishes. They were Rimmel - Rapid Ruby, Models Own - Naked Glow & Barry M - Matte White.

After a little bit of clean up I began priming the stamper with a nail file because if the top is too shiny the stamper will not pick the image up of the image plate. DO NOT OVER PRIME. If you over file the top of the stamper then it won't pick anything up at all. This stamper took pretty much no priming as it was already pretty good at picking up the image.

Then I simply began putting drops of polish near the images I wanted to use and dragged the scraper across the image. I have to say I am not a massive fan of the scraper because it seemed to catch on the high points of the leaves and jolt as I tried to swipe it across. I am not sure whether it was the plate or the scraper but I will keep using this scraper because it is bound to be a matter of practise.

The stamper is WAY better than my old one and I love that is it rectangular and not round. I also LOVE this stamping plate and I can't wait until Summer or Autumn next year to use this plate more and create all over patterns.

For this look I simply took different purples and reds and stamped different leaves over the top half of my nails, until I got the desired look I wanted.

Overall I love how these turned out but I kind of wish that I used different colours on either the base or the leaves because I feel like they don't quite mesh well, but I still like them.

I hope you liked this post and let me know what kind of christmas nail art looks you want in the comments!

Thank you to Born Pretty Store for sending me these products and if you want to buy some stamping plate I really recommend you do buy them from BPS, not only are they £1 or less mostly, they are great quality! They all come with a protective blue film that keeps them from scratching. This is the plate I have used.


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