Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winter Sparkle Snowflake Nails

Hey everyoneeee, its nearly christmas!!! Woo I'm so excited! And as I wrote in my last post, I have been very behind on my christmas nails so I thought I would upload these straight away so I can squeeze some more designs in before christmas!

These are my latest creations inspired by the decorations on my christmas tree. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my tree because all of them came out over exposed from the lights and I'm not a camera genius so I couldn't fix it.. but anyway! Basically our tree at home is white, teal and silver. I realise these nails aren't quite teal but this blue was the colour that really took my fancy that day.

Our christmas tree is covered in these massive teal glitter bombs basically and after decorating the tree I felt it was only appropriate to use the most glittery nail polish I could find. Therefore I reached for one of my newest polishes from the Barry M Glitterati Collection (which I'm obsessed with can I add) called Rockstar. It is a beautiful black, silver and blue/green filled glitter polish that was perfect and I was dying to try it out!

To create these nails I simply painted three very thin coats of the polish on top of my peel off base coat (this is essential for glitter polishes in my opinion) and used my Seche Vite quick dry topcoat to seal the glitter in. I am so waiting for Barry M to come out with the best quick dry topcoat because that would just be amazing!

Next I took a new plate I ordered from Born Pretty Store which is full of snowflakes of all shapes and sizes. I fell in love with this plate as soon as I saw it and for only $2.99 how could I not order it?

To use this I simply took this Rimmel London polish in Too Cool to Tango and a Barry M Matte White and begun scraping the polish across the images and then stamping them straight onto the nail in random positions.

I LOVE how the snowflakes came out but I would defiantly recommend not using a white headed stamper to stamp with white polish because it made it very hard to see if the image was broken or not.

This is such a subtle look in terms of the snowflakes because they are sort of overpowered by the glitter, but I like that. The people who take the time to look properly at my nails will notice the secret details and appreciate them.

And I love how the glitter polish looks. It applied so well and it probably would have been opaque with two normal coats but I like to do three thin coats with glitter polishes for a better glitter look overall.

Apologies for the strange lighting in the pictures but Im working with a new background at the moment. Bare with me please.

I hope you liked this post! If you have done any christmas nail art please feel free to leave you links in the comments below! I love the christmas nail art period and I can't wait to see all the looks everyone has created!


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