Saturday, 22 March 2014

Geometric Nail Art

Today I am going to show you how to create this quick and easy nail art on yourself.

I am going to be using Nails Inc. polishes in Kensington Palace Gardens and Mayfair.

This is a really simple look to create and only takes about 20 mins.

So here we go:
1. First start with a base coat. This will not only help to keep your nail polish on for longer, but will also prevent discolouration in your nails.
2. Paint two coats of your chosen colour for the triangle at the bottom, all over the nail. Allow to totally dry.
3. Cut out 10 squares of masking tape. The worst quality the masking tape the better… because the less sticky it is the easier it will come off and the sharper the lines will be.
4. Arrange the squares, 1 per nail, as shown in the first picture.
5. Paint your chosen top coat totally over the nail as shown in the second picture. 
6. If it has good quality opacity then only do one coat and peel off tape before allowing to dry. This will work better as will avoid tacky uneven lines. If you need to do two coats leave to dry before peeling off.
7. Touch up any lines that aren't straight.
8. Finish with your favourite top coat and leave to totally dry.

You can add any decoration to this such as studs or gems for more of a glamour effect.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Comment below with any tutorial requests from my instagram or just requests in general.


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