Saturday, 14 June 2014

Born Pretty Store Lace Stamping Plate

Following on from my last post I have another item from Born Pretty Store which they kindly sent me to try out!

It is a wonderful stamping plate full of different lace patterns which I love!

Now any other stampers will understand this next bit…. Some days you can have days where all the stamps work perfectly and then there are BAD days.. where the stamper won't pick up the image or the polish drys to quickly and you end up getting too stressed.

That is what happened to me on my first attempt at using this plate and I was very unsure about whether to include the images as I am not happy with them.

Basically I was in love with all the different lace patterns and had chosen to do a different on on each nail but in my frustration at the first two not working smoothly I gave up by the time I reached the pinky… This is not the plates fault, I had not properly primed my stamper and as a fairly stamper this process scares me as I always think I am going to over prime and ruin the stamper.

If anyone has any tips for me please them them in the comments because any help would be appreciated.

After a little break from stamping, I calmed down and attempted to start again. This time I chose to just use one lace pattern and almost create a french manicure effect and here are the results.

For this mani I used Rimmel Punk Rock 711 as a base and Models Own Hypergel in White Light as my stamping polish.

This turned out a lot better and although there are a few wonky lines (due to a two major breaks on my index and middle fingers) I am still pretty happy with how they turned out!

This is what the plate looked like after I used it and as you can see it needs a joly good clean before I use it again! But how beautiful are all the different lace shapes!?

So what do you think of my design? Do you like the colours I used?

You can buy the plate that I used here and if you use REDX31 when you check out you can get 10% off! How great! AND this plate is already in the sale so you can pick it up for only £1.17 which is incredible seeing as it has an unlimited number of uses.

Also they have a great new line of stamping plates here and new nail art tools here! Go and check them out because they have some awesome products and I know I will be purchasing some more things soon!

Let me know what you think below!

Have a good day, Peace.
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