Thursday, 26 June 2014

Subtle Business Nails (nails for the workplace)

Hi everyone! Sorry again for the rubbish posting schedule but hopefully from now on I am going to get into a routine of posting every Wednesday and Sunday! So stay tuned!

Today I am doing a post that I hope will help a lot of people who like their nails to look beautiful but aren't exactly sure how to pull of nail art at work as its hard to know which colours are suitable.

So I created this cute little mani that was so simple to create!

I used three polishes and my Seche Vite quick dry Topcoat and my Models Own topcoat to finish it all off.

To start off creating this mani I used my standard Rimmel Nail Nurse Base Coat, which I use on all my nail creations as it makes my nails feel healthy and strong.

I then coated the outside of my nail beds with PVA Glue for an easy clean up after, as shown in the picture above and then I waited for it to dry.

Then after painting one coat of Rimmel Londons Salon Pro - 237 Soul Session, I began creating my gradient. This is a polish from the Kate Moss collection and it is the perfect nude!

For the gradient I used the same Rimmel polish and Models Own Hypergel - White Light and I created it used a sponge from a pack of 25 that I brought from Pound World.

I repeated my gradient again to create a more pigmented look and topped it off with my SEVENTEEN Nail Xtras glitter topcoat.

After sealing it all in with my Seche Vite topcoat I then used my Models Own Topcoat for extra shine. I really want to try out their new Hypergel Topcoat because as you may have worked out, from the fact it is in almost every post I do, I am in love with their Hypergel in White Light.

After waiting for them to dry, I peeled off the PVA and had only a few spots that needed touching up using acetone and my Models Own flat brush.

So what do you think? I think this mani is the perfect solution when struggling to create something on your nails that is suitable for work or even school!

It is more interesting that the standard French manicure and the glitter gives it a girlier feel.

If your inspired by my mani remember to tag me on instagram using #littlerednails and tag me @kimberlina94


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  1. Cute! And it reminds me of coffee with milk, I suppose it's because of the colours haha!

  2. I love the subtlety of these! The gradient is so smooth and I think the glitter topcoat is a really nice touch! :)


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