Friday, 6 June 2014

Bubble Wrap and Stud Nails

First I have to say I am so sorry to my followers for the lack of posts but I have just finished my last week of my second year at uni and I really needed to concentrate on getting my work done! But to make up for it I have two posts for you today! 

Secondly I have to say I am sorry but there also won't be a post for the next few days as I have to pack up my room and move out, plus I am going to my boyfriends Nanny's birthday! (I have never met her before in our two and a half years together so wish me luck)!

Anyway on to the bit you actually want to read about which is the nails I had on for my last week of Uni!

This mani was soooo easy to create and I actually think it looks really effective, although I was sent a very nasty comment on twitter about them, but who cares!

Sorry about the background but as you can see I was working in the library when I took these pictures. 

To create this mani I simply painted my nails using Models Own Hypergel in Watermelon and then took another Hypergel in White light and used a bit of bubble wrap to press on random splodges on my two middle fingers. Then using my topcoat to seal them in, I placed a tiny gold stud on the bottom of each nail.

Here is the mani at the end of the week which lasted so well! Surprised I didn't pick it off in all the stress….

So do you like my last week of university mani? Comment below and let me know!

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