Wednesday, 29 October 2014

GOSH Lipstick Review

Hey guys, sorry again for my crazy posting schedule at the moment but my excuse this time is that I am currently in WALES. I am on an extended family holiday staying in a house with 13 people in Tenby centre. I am having a great time but by the evening I am pretty tired so I haven't done all the posts I probably should have but I am loving the break away from everything. I will upload some pictures on my next post if you want to see what we have all been up to.

Anyway on to todays post. I was lucky enough to win a competition run by the GOSH instagram and they very kindly sent me 4 lipsticks and 5 lip lacquer, all of which I loved and I thought I would share with you the lipsticks.

First up we have Diva 168. This is definitely the kind of shade you would happily wear out for Autumn. It is a very pretty brown berry which is extremely pigmented. It was the first lipstick I tried out as I had been wearing my Rimmel 127 Popstar lipstick non stop. This is much more brown than 127 but a great alternative and I was surprise at how moisturising these lipsticks are. It didn't collect in the cracks in my poor dry winter lips, so you don't need to worry about exfoliating first. At £6.49 I would strongly recommend this as a cheaper alternative to the likes of Maxfactor and Maybelline lipsticks.

Next is Temptation 165, a hot pink which personally I wouldn't wear out on a daily basis because I'm not quite brave enough… but it is a great night out colour for those nights when you are wearing a plain LBD. I wore this out one night and I only had to reapply it once which is great… although none would be better.

Then we have Adorable 164 which is more of a Barbie pink that isn't really my cup of tea but I was happy to receive it as you never know when you are going to need a pretty pink. It is just a little bit to girlie for me.

Lastly is Angel 172 which is my favourite as I am a sucker for a nude lippy. Again this formula doesn't collect in any lip faults and it extremely moisturising. I do find that I have to reapply this one more than the others and it is slightly less pigmented but it is perfect for everyday wear. 

The details on the packaging really sell these lipsticks for me, with their logo printed into the actual lipstick which are details Rimmel doesn't have. The smooth matte finish feels wonderful in your fingers although they get dirty quickly.

I have fallen in love with GOSH lipsticks and although they aren't cheaper than Rimmel I will definitely double think before I add to my collection and checkout the GOSH section. You can buy GOSH lipsticks instore at Superdrug and online here.

Hope you liked this post!


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  1. Hi there, I came across this post looking for Gosh's Diva review. I just bought this lipstick yesterday - that too on the recommendation of the sales lady. I actually wanted the Rimmel lipstick 107 as i wanted a dupe for Mac's Diva. But the lady showed me this one (which i later saw at home that its also called Diva lol) and i really like it! Its got vitamin E which helps the lips. I had never heard of this brand and trying to find more about it lead me to your post :)


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