Saturday, 25 October 2014

Guest Post for Ali from Fixin To Faff

So recently I was given the opportunity to guest post on a blog I have been following silently for ages! It is a blog who's posts really inspire me and as you can probably tell from the title it is for Fixin To Faff.

Ali was looking for a way to free up some time without neglecting her followers and guest posting is a great way to do that and I will definitely be looking into this whenever I need some extra time.

I was super excited to write a post for her and here are the nails I created. If you want to see the look in bigger pictures with details on how I made them, Click HERE.

I can't thank Ali enough for giving me this chance and if you aren't already following her, please go and checkout her blog because she truly creates some awesome posts that I wish I could create even close to.


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