Monday, 20 October 2014

October Birchbox Review

Hey guys, so as promised here is my review of this months Birchbox. I have been a subscriber now for 3 months and I am seriously loving how excited you get when the box arrives at the door.

Last month I was super impressed with what I received and sadly didn't get around to posting my review but here is a quick picture of my previous box to show how good it was.

I have to admit this meant that this months box had a lot to live up to and when I first opened it I was a little bit disappointed. BUT I have to say as I have used more of the things from the box I have been more and more impressed and it turns out I love everything in my box!

This months box was full of Think Pink items to go along with their Breast Cancer awareness box theme. I love that they are using their themes to support a good cause! Now onto the contents!

First up all subscribers got a little pink pouch and pink Birchbox lipstick shaped pen which have been so handy so far. As as you can see from the picture above I have already put the pen in the pouch and transferred the pouch into my daily backpack which I also filled with any touch up makeup items like powder and lip balm. This has been a lifesaver after a long day at the workshop!

Next all subscribers also got a lip balm from Pixi (RRP £8) which was full sized. There were two colours you could get which were a bright pink and a nude. I received the nude which I was gutted about as I really want the pink one but since opening my box I have worn this pretty much every day so I can't complain!

Then I got this KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray (RRP £13.50 for the full sized) which has definitely been my favourite product from the box! This was not the item that was written on my Birchbox card (I was meant to get the texture spray) but I haven't even written to Birchbox to complain for the mix up because I have honestly fallen in love with this product and I am so glad I got this instead! I have super long ginger hair and I have really found that this has reduced my drying speed by at least half! Especially on the underneath parts.

Next is the Balance Me Cleanse and Sooth Face Balm (RRP £20 for the full sized) which smells delicious and although it left a kind of weird oily feel to my skin after I used it, I think it really helped to make my skin smoother in texture. I used it like a face mask and was very happy with the results.

As a nail polish lover I was super happy to get this next items which is a polish from Lollipops (RRP £7) which was another full sized item (go Birchbox!) and it is a beautiful bright red colour! I have not  used this yet but as soon as I create a mani using this I will link it here.

Lastly is a product I have never head of before from Shaveworks called The Cool Fix (RRP £11 for the full sized). I wasn't particularly excited about this product because like shaving is already meh, so any products that remind me I have to do it aren't really my favourite. In this instance I was really pleasantly surprised when I grabbed it after getting out the shower. It stung a little when I first put it on but that disappeared in a second and left me with no razor burn, bumps, dots or anything! My legs were smooth and looked flawless so this is a great discovery!

This months Birchbox has been awesome and I will be purchasing all of these items in full sized when I have a bit of money :)

Don't forget that for every new subscriber this month Birchbox will be donating to Breast Cancer Research and you can also help if you are already a subscriber by uploading a picture of you 'copping a feel' to Instagram or Twitter tagging them and using their hashtag. Birchbox will donate £1 for every image they get.

Let me know what you thought of your Birchbox in the comments below or if you are thinking of becoming a subscriber comment too!

Hope you liked this post! Thanks Birchbox.


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