Saturday, 4 October 2014

Twin Sugar Spun Nails with Nailsxo

Today I have a very exciting post that I have done with the very talented Emily from Nailsxo.

After I was lucky enough to win her World Cup Nails competition we kept in contact and decided to do some twin nails using a nail art technique that neither of us had tried yet. This for us was the sugar spun method which I first saw through Narmai at PiggieLuv.

We discussed colours etc and decided that it would be best if we both chose our own colours individually but they both had to be a colour over a gradient base. I chose to incorporate the fall colour I had been loving which was Sole Mate by Essie and a new polish I got from Nails Inc called Uptown.

So I did a pink gradient base using Uptown, Ballet Slippers and Models Owns White Light. After going over my gradient a couple of times I painted a single coat of Seche Vite to lock it all in.

To create the Sugar Spun look I poured a little of Sole Mate onto a piece of scrap paper and waited for it to turn tacky. At this point I would dip my dotting tool into the polish and drag a string of the tacky polish over the top of my nail until I got the desired look.

I am so happy with how they turned out although I can't help but this that I may have somehow created tiger nails, which Emily also said as soon as she saw the pictures! Maybe I need to so more lines to get rid of that look but I am still super happy and will definitely be trying this look again.

These are the nails that Emily created for her blog using the same method and I am so impressed! They look so flawless and the colour combination works so well! If you read her post on her nails she even included a easy to follow tutorial which is so good!

Head on over to her blog here to check out all of her other amazing designs, one of my favourites is actually one of her more recent posts using pinks to create a unique stripy tip. See them here. You won't be disappointed!

Hope you liked this post and let me know whether you have tried out this technique before…


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  1. Loved doing these nails! I absolutely love yours I think they are so classy and flawless. I think I still need more practice with the technique but it was fun to do so I'm not complaining :D. Thanks for the compliments too you're so lovely! :) xxxx

    1. By the way, I have just done a Liebster Award post and you are one of the bloggers I have nominated, you can find your questions on my blog if you'd like to take part :D xxx

  2. Omg you have such GOOD NAIL SKILLS!! :) I need to get my nail art skills in tact!! ASAP

    Love the nails :)



  3. It does remind me of tiger stripes too but I love that about it! The gradient looks so so good (Uptown looks prrretty!)

  4. Wow I love this nail art creation!

    Xx julia

  5. These are both great! They do look like tiger stripes, but don't you love it when there's a happy accident like that?


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