Thursday, 10 April 2014

Disney Princess Nail Art

Today I have attempted a new technique for nail art that has actually turned out really well so I wanted to share a tutorial type post with you all.

I found this technique on Pintrest but I'm not entirely sure what its called or where the original picture is.. but essentially you can create your own nail stickers just using a plastic ziplock bag and nail polish.

For this look I first started by creating a gradient base and if you would like me do post a tutorial on how to, then comment below and I'll be happy to. I used all Rimmel London nail polishes but the white and pinks that I used are really old so don't think there is much point in me writing their numbers and names. They are my go to old reliable polishes and they have lasted so well.

Anway here are the instructions:

  1. Find the images that you want to create on your nails and print them out to the right size, or alternatively draw them on a piece of paper to the right size.
  2. Insert the printed designs into the ziplock bag and secure with sticky dots or tape (so the paper doesn't move when painting).
  3. Carefully paint on top of the ziplock bag following the design underneath. Can need two coats, lift up to see when fully opaque. I used a tiny brush and put dots of nail polish on the bag to work from until they became tacky. Then I simply made another dot etc...
  4. Paint two coats of topcoat on the top of the designs and leave to dry totally, but don't let the designs go too hard. You want to be able to peel the design off, not have the design start peeling itself off when it's set too much!
  5. Gently using tweezers peels off the designs and place onto nails.
  6. Seal with your favourite topcoat. I used Rimmel London's Ultra Shine Topcoat.
This is the finished look on both hands. They look just like they have been painted straight onto the nail.

 Sorry about my scabby thumb but thought you should see every nail close up and Cinderella somehow managed to avoid most shots.
The gradient could be better but I was too excited about seeing what the decals looked like so I didn't spend as much time on it as I probably should. 
Hope you liked this tutorial and if you use this method make sure you tag me on Instagram using @kimberlina94 and remember to Pin these images if you like them!

Comment below with your favourite!


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  1. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing! And even better to have done it with Disney princesses x

  2. I LOVE this idea and definitely think I will be trying it at some point!


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