Tuesday, 15 April 2014

TKMaxx Haul

So a couple of weeks ago I thought I would pop into TKMaxx and see what bargains I could find. I love a little bargain hunt and on this day I must of been in a home decor mood because I ended up buying decorations for my Uni room.
They are all super cute and I feel that they really make my room look girly and fun.

The first things I brought are these lace mugs….

I originally had just picked up the turquoise one, thinking that was the only one they had. Then when I reached the til there were another 3 colours! One of the colours was yellow and I'm not a great fan of yellow, so I didn't get that one, but I couldn't leave the pink and blue ones there. I just had to have them! So here they are!

The lace detailing is actually slightly raised from the surface which makes the mugs unable to slip out of your hand and also they feel super nice!
I love how pretty they look and over time you will get to know that mugs are my downfall when it comes to money. I LOVE mugs. I really don't have any room for more but I just can't help it… If I see one I like I need to buy it. Guess it means that people always know what to get me for christmas… That and nail stuff.
Anyway I picked these up for £1.99 each! Cheap and pastel. Who could ask for more?

Next I found these jars..

Sorry about the quality of the image… I took the pictures on my iPhone and then uploaded them to instagram and somehow I must have deleted the originals in the process, but they still look nice.

They are 3 jars with an embossed heart on the front! I brought these at a time when I had chocolates and sweets scattered all around my room, and as soon as I saw these jars I knew they would look amazing.

These jars were available in various sizes and shapes, and I think the smaller jars were £4.99 and the larger one was £5.99. I may be wrong but either way that isn't the cheapest, which kind of goes against the bargain hunter in me. I debated not buying them for quite a while in TKMaxx but I know that they will last forever and when I eventually get my own house they will be the first things to go in! AND as the chocolate and sweets slowly get eaten I can fill them with new things, like nail polishes etc..

The middle jar is actually filled with some scented, fake, red roses that my boyfriend filled my valentines bag with and I think they look so gorgeous inside the jar.

Also after filing my jars, I then sat and caught up with my subscriptions on youtube and saw that the wonderful Zoella, had also brought some similar jars from Brighton's version of TKMaxx, which I had also seen in store. You can watch the video here.

Finally to go with my new jars, I picked up this teeny weenie version.

I have chosen to use this as a sugar jar and I think it looks perfect. I love using this jar everyday to make myself a delicious cup of tea and can't wait to put this on the side in my own house. I think this jar was about £3.99 and they have a whole variety of these jars in TKMaxx in various shapes and sizes.

Let me know what you guys think of the jars and mugs in the comment boxes, and also if you just want to share a love of Zoella.

Hope you liked this haul and ill be uploading another post tomorrow.

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  1. I never find anything in TKMaxx!! Everyone always post pictures of the lovely things they find and I just walk away disappointed! I must go into different ones to take a look. I think it's just the one nearest me that's boring! x

    1. I never used to be able to either.. but then I moved to Uni in Nottingham and their TKMaxx is so much better. Brought almost all my Christmas presents from there….! Keep searching :D x


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