Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Brushes in My Make-up Bag

So I thought I would share which makeup brushes I currently use and which ones I would recommend.

Going from the top left and round in a clockwise motion….
1. The M.A.C 190 Foundation Brush - I actually use this brush as a way of putting on my primer, not my foundation, as I find it leaves lines in the foundation. But this brush is so soft and durable I would recommend trying it.
2. No7 Lip Liner Brush - Again I don't actually use this for its intended use and instead use it as an eye shadow blending brush. You can get many brushes like these really cheaply in Boots from brands like Models Own. All would work just as well!
3. No7 Eyebrow Brush - Hardly ever use this but feel like every girl should have one just incase.
4. No7 Blush Brush - I use this brush to blend in my contour powder and blusher but not actually to apply the powder.
5. No7 Eye Shadow Brush - Love this brush because of its size, as a lot of eye shadow brushes are larger and therefore don't make it as easy to gradually build up the eye shadow where its wanted.
6. M.A.C 231 Small Shader Brush - Yup, again, I don't use this for my eye shadow which its meant to be used for… but I do use it near my eyes so thats okay I guess! I use this to fill in my eye brows. It is the perfect size.
7. M.A.C 227 Large Fluff Brush - Not entirely sure what exactly this brush is meant to be used for… but I use it as an eye shadow base brush/highlighter brush.
8. Another M.A.C 231 Eye Shadow Brush - This one I use for applying my concealer as I can touch up tiny patches effortlessly.
9. Real Techniques Blush Brush - This time I do use it for its intended purpose as a blush brush. This is THE softest brush ever.
10. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - This is the BEST brush I have ever found. It blends in foundation, concealer and primer so easily and so effectively that I know I will be repurchasing this brush for a long time. I would recommend everyone buying this brush even just to see what its like. Genuinely love this brush.
11. M.A.C 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush - This is my go to blush, bronzer and powder brush as it it great at applying anything lightly and delicately. I always have this with me ready for touch ups.

I realise there is a lot of M.A.C brushes in this list which are expensive.. but I have never brought these myself, only ever been given these as a gift. I would not buy the M.A.C brushes myself, even though I love them, as a student I cannot justify spending that much money on brushes.
Also the No7 brushes have all been collected through freebies that my mum has got for spending a certain amount of money on face care. The only brushes I have brought myself are the Real Techniques brushes and they are really worth the money!

Hope you liked hearing what brushes I use. Let me know if you have any of these and which are your favourites….

You can buy the M.A.C Brushes here and the Real Techniques Brushes here.

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