Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Nails Take 1

So today I am posting my first set of Easter nails... I am really disappointed with how the picture turned out as I didn't have a camera at uni with me so I have had to take the picture on my phone!
But I created these nails using mostly colours from Models Own.

I started with a base of the models own Hyper Gel in White. And used a sponge to create a pastel gradient with their Fruit Pastel Scented polishes in Blueberry and Strawberry Tart.
Then using a striping brush I created the details and added studs that I purchased from eBay a while ago.

I promise that the nails look a whole lot better in person! And I will be posting another set of nails on Saturday night!

Got some Easter nails to show? Tag me on Instagram @kimberlina94 as I love seeing others creations!

Feeling in a super springy mood now :)



  1. The eggs are really good! I love the addition of the studs x

    1. Thank you :) they could of been a bit neater though :/ x


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