Thursday, 24 April 2014

This Morning Inspired Nails

This morning, funnily enough, I was watching 'This Morning' and noticed the wall paper that they had in the background. Straight away as a nail polish lover I started imaging it on nails and decided to start creating it.

Then using colour inspiration from their sofa and also a dress Holly Willoughby wore for the launch of her bed linen I created nails that I absolutely LOVE.

So here are the nails from many different angles. I realise that the lighting isn't right, but I am in the process of making my own light box and off to buy a proper light tomorrow so hopefully my pictures will keep getting better.

 I created this look using all Rimmel London nail polishes to celebrate their recent 180th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIMMEL.

Here is a full list on polishes used:

  • Rita for Rimmel - 203 Lose Your Longerie
  • Rita for Rimmel - 703 Hot White Love
  • Rita for Rimmel - 873 Breakfast in Bed
  • Rita for Rimmel - Rita Rouge
  • Rita for Rimmel - 403 Orgasm
  • Rimmel 60 Seconds - 507 Round and Round in Circles
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish - 703 Pear Drop
  • Rimmel Finishing Touch - Ultra Shine Top Coat (my favourite)

Hope you guys like these nails as much as I do. If anyone recreates them please tag me in a post on instagram using @kimberlina94.

They are making me feel very springy!


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  1. isn't it just great how we can found inspiration literally everywhere around us :D

    1. its brilliant isn't it! Find myself looking at things with pattern on and thinking..oooup! nails!


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