Thursday, 8 May 2014

Barry M Mix and Match Nails -BMSELFIE

So I am a massive lover of Barry M, not only for their quality, but also for their price. As a student, £3.99 for a nail polish is perfect! They are also so pigmented and its great!

In honour of their current #BMSELFIE competition that they are running on their Facebook page, I have created this mani which I am pretty proud of! More for my photography because I've finished my light box and they look tons better!

I created this using all Barry M polishes and a stamping plate which I brought from Born Pretty Store on my ring and thumb finger.

I am absolutely loving their new aquarium collection and that is where the one on the far right is from as you can probably tell from the super cute lid!
I literally feel like a mermaid when I wear that polish which I guess means that the name is appropriate!

Sorry that some of the polishes are upside-down..  I don't know how I didn't notice!

Also I love the textured polish! I have a Rimmel London and Sally Hansen comparison blog coming up about their textured or 'sugar' polishes!

This is my thumb nail on which I created my first ever multicoloured stamp which I can do a tutorial on if people would like!

So what do you guys think? I worked really hard on getting my pictures better and I hope that you can see a difference!

Also I have entered a selfie into the competition and you should all go and do the same! You are in with the chance of winning a Nokia Phone and Years Supply of Barry M <--- definitely worth a try!

This is my selfie. Enter yours here.

Hope you liked this post and you liked my nails! Leave comments below and tag me in any manis you create using @kimberlina94


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  1. Ooh great design! I love the colours you used (the mermaid polish looks so pretty!) and the design on your thumb looks marvelous! Good luck with the competition :)

    1. The mermaid polish is soo zoo pretty! Thank you! I didn't win today :/ but maybe ill win tomorrow! Ill keep trying…. took so long to make the bouquet!

  2. So cute! I looove the thumb! I've never tried stamping but I'm so tempted! Good luck with the competition!
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you! Wasn't really sure that the thumb went with the rest of the nails but I love it anyway :) I didn't win today! But ill keep trying as it took me so long to make the bouquet!
      Kim x

  3. So gorgeous! Especially your thumb fingernail! I don't do stamping, but if I did (and I will try soon) I would definitely do a colourful one like that, it looks so pretty! Your pictures look great too, I myself am making a lightbox because I got a new camera so I can improve my picture quality. I hope the lightbox will work as good as yours looks xx

    1. Thank you! Its so easy when you have a good stamper and stamp (plus manage to find a polish that works with a stamper)
      The lightbox works wonders! Cant wait to see your new pictures! xx

  4. Amazing mix! Love each and every of your nails:) I have only one Barry M polish but I really like it:)

    1. Thank you! :) You should get more! they are so affordable :)


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