Monday, 5 May 2014

Sassy-Nailz Review and How to Get Your Free Set!

Coming up today, I am going to talk about a website that I absolutely love! Sassy-Nailz is a website that I came across about a year ago and as I have now started blogging, I just couldn't not share the site with you guys! At the end there is also information on how to get a free set!

The website sells water decals, caviar beads, rhinestones and gems, stickers, nail tools and more. I am going to talk to you about the water decals which are my favourite. When I first ordered some of the decals, I simply ordered Disney transfers such as Micky Mouse and Minions from Despicable me.

This is the first ever mani I created with her water decals and I fell in love instantly! They are so easy and simple to use.

All the decals come in a little plastic sleeve with instructions printed onto an attached piece of card. I don't have any of the packaging to show you, but it is so cute and explains everything so simply.

 I then also created this look on my friend Charlotte who is also a massive Disney fan. After this I then went back on her page to buy more, and she very kindly sent me some transfers in return for letting her use my pictures.

And then I created this look on myself using some very pretty heart decals. I have sent these pictures to her, and this was before I started blogging, hence they have her watermark on them, but they are my creations using her products.

After starting to do more hand painted designs, I kind of forgot about all the decals that I had from her store but the other days I came across my decal folder again and just had to use these beautiful owls!

Don't they just look adorable?! And I remembered just how easy they are to apply.

Simply cut out your decal and leave in a cup of warm water for about 30 seconds, place on nail and watch the backing card just slide off leaving your design in place. Cover in a topcoat and you are done!
I have had some many nice comments about these nails and they literally took ten minutes.

These owls are available here on their Etsy page along with loads of other decals, so if you love Etsy and would prefer to buy through there… then check it out!

Sassy-Nailz decals are so affordable with the Disney decals I used on Charlotte priced at only £1 on their special offers page. You get about 20 decals per sheet which is loads more than some sites. The BEST thing? If you can't find what you are looking for, you can simply email your desired pattern or design to the email on the website and they will turn it into a decal for you. How awesome?!

The website is currently being transformed and in a few weeks time I will be reviewing their re-launch! (there will be loads of new products, I think a new look and also the number of decals per sheet will be increased..woo) In the mean time, the wonderful owner has given me a special code for all my readers where if you spend £5 on her website you can get a free set using SASSYKIM. Simply add in your chosen free set before you checkout, then apply the code and the price should come right off. How kind of her?!

You can find Sassy-Nailz on Facebook, eBay, Etsy and the website.

Let me know if you have any of their decals and how you get on.


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  1. The owl decals look so cute! It also sounds amazing that you can send them a pattern and they'll turn it into a decal for you! I'm definitely going to check their store out :)

    1. Its solo cute isn't it! Yeah the owner is so nice, simply email her and she will see what she can do about turning your design into reality! so awesome!

  2. oh my god I NEEED those Disney decals! Do they deliver internationally?? *crosses fingers* I need to have them! and a few other designs too. I am in love

    1. I am pretty sure that she delivers world-wide. Check her out on Etsy or eBay to find out ! The disney decals are amazing. I have already brought replacements!

    2. There is pretty much no info on her website or etsy. Lol. I looked all over. :/ I guess I will have to email or something but I really wish it was just stated somewhere

  3. wow I love this manicure :)
    Your nails look so unique!
    Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend <3



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