Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Models Own Brushes Review

Today I am going to be reviewing the Models Own brush kit. I went out and brought this as soon as it was released in store and have been using it ever since, but I kind of forgot to do a review of them because I got carried away!

This brush set is £8 and you get:
- 2x double ended dotting tools
- 1x flat ended brush
- 1x striping brush
- 1x detailing brush
- 1x fan brush
- 1x striping tape

Initially I thought this was quite expensive considering the fact you can get a pack of 10 assorted brushes on eBay for about £2, but then after looking in shops in town I discovered that this is actually quite cheap. A brush set with all the same brushes minus the tape is £10 from Topshop and these appear to be of a much higher quality.

The brushes all come with their own individual plastic covers shown above except the fan brush. This is perfect for storing your brushes and keeping them in the best condition possible.

They are all cream coloured with an orange Models Own logo and they look adorable! The dotting tools especially look much nicer than the standard brown wooden ones.

I have already used all of these brushes and my next post will be created using the detailing brush and the short flat brush. As you can see even after I have used them and cleaned them they still look like they are in perfect condition and this is after about 4 uses of each brush.

The set comes with the perfect assortment of brushes and they are all made with perfectly delicate hairs that all give you a perfect shape for whatever nail are you are creating. The dotting tools also come with 4 different sized dots which is great for creating any kind of look you are after.

I first have to apologise for the appearance of the striping tape because I dropped it on my carpet and it appears to have picked up all the fibres from the floor but it still works perfectly. It isn't too sticky that it leaves a residue on the nails and not too un-sticky that the polish bleeds underneath. It works just right and I left the white tape on my nails for the Graffiti Nails look I created at the end.

Overall this set is a great price, considering that the £2 ones I mentioned earlier from eBay have all disintegrated and are the reason I needed to purchase this new set.

I am sure that these will last for ages as long as I take care of them properly and I am really happy with how they work.

You can buy the brushes online from Models Own here.

Have you got these brushes or are you thinking of getting them? Comment below…

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  1. Ooh I like the look of these brushes! I urgently need to buy a set like this. I'm especially curious to try out a fan brush, it looks so funny but you can do great designs with it I think :)

    1. They are really good and I definitely think they will last! I will definitely be letting you know when I have used them in my designs.

  2. This brush set looks amazing! I keep on looking in Boots for the set but I can't find them! I cannot wait to see the designs you do using these! :)

    1. It was pretty tricky for me to find at first! They are in the makeup brush section near the impress nails usually!

  3. I have them and they are great. I have the set from Topshop as well and think the Models Own ones are a good price for the hight street especially as you get the striping tape as well. I've had the Topshop ones for quite a few years and they lasted really well, I can only think that the Models Own ones will do the same. It's worth spending more in the first place rather than having the keep buying cheaper ebay ones x


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