Friday, 16 May 2014

Graffit Nails Swatches and Review

Hey! So a while back I ordered a single Graffiti Nails polish in Ice White. I had heard a few things about this brand and wanted to try it out. For £3.99 I figured what the hell!

I loved the polish so much that I pretty much used it up. This was before I had a blog and I don't have any pictures of the polish before I had to throw the bottle. Then the other day I decided to treat myself to a few new ones and I chose to reorder from Graffiti Nails.

After having such a good experience the first time I was super excited for these babies to arrive!

Get ready for lots of pictures!

They came in the cutest packaging! Which I don't actually remember getting last time… But maybe that's because I only ordered one.

I chose to make the most of their deal where if you buy 3 of their polishes, the postage is free!

The polish I chose are Pistachio which is a super cute mint colour, Very Nude which is quite obviously a nude and Fairy Wings which is a glitter topcoat with light pink specs.

So here are the swatches!

One Coat
Two Coats (No top coat)

First up is Pistachio. The mint is slightly more on the blue side, and I apologise for my lack of clean up… But I love the colour! It is perfect for summer and goes on super easily!

This is so so pretty in person and sadly I don't feel like the close up does the product justice but I have not got a camera at the moment so I am having to improvise!

This is a swatch after just ONE coat of the glitter. Sorry for the discolouration of my nails… I am a heavy nail biter and painting my nails means I stop, so the nail doesn't get very much sunlight. Please leave any tips on how to get rid of this below!

This is genuinely such a beautiful colour and would go with a lot of polishes as it is such a pale pink glitter.

One Coat
Two Coats

I have recently run out of nude and this was a perfect purchase for me. It is slightly more orange than I expected but it is still so pretty. The formulation of these polishes is really spot on. They are so highly pigmented and after just two coats your nails look flawless. 

You don't really need a topcoat but you can just to give the nails an extra shine!

 I then decided to get creative over my last swatch and with the use of nail tape I created this mani.

I simply section of parts of the nail and filled with Fairy Wing and did some glitter placement after to get the look I wanted.

I really recommend people trying out these polishes! And with their 'buy three, get postage free' why not give them a go!?

You can buy them here.

Also how cute is their website! So quirky I love it!

Anyway hope you like the reviews and let me know what you think of the colours.


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  1. Oh these are great colours! Fairy Wings especially looks amazing! I might have to look into this brand when the polish-buying-ban I have put on myself has ended ;)

    1. Thank you! Definitely check them out! Really worth the money and hahah when does that end?

  2. Ooh these are all so pretty! The box they come in is so cute too! I think my favourite is Pistachio! :)

    1. Thank you :) the box was such a good addition. makes you feel like you are getting something special! Pistachio is solo pretty!

  3. I've order some over the weekend, including Pistachio. I can't wait for them to arrive! Great swatches x


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