Friday, 23 May 2014

My Boyfriend Does my Nails

So today I have a very funny post to share with you guys. In the week my boyfriend came up to take care of me as I had been a bit ill and he lovingly surprise me with roses and breakfast in bed which was so nice!

As I was ill and sad I had little inspiration or energy to make a blog post along with all my uni work soooooo… He kindly said yes to doing my nails as long as I let him do whatever he liked.

Now if you all knew him you would know how much of a scary prospect that is because he is incredibly creative but also bonkers and I had no idea what the end result would look like!

But here are the nails he created and they do make me smile!


This is what the end result looks like and now you may understand what I meant by bonkers. Every nail he did was a little bit crazier than the last.

Left Thumb
He experimented with a dotting tool

He seemed to favour glitters over most of the other polishes in my box, hence the magnetic polish he used on my thumbs wasn't enough, he just HAD to top it up with glitter too! And he liked how to spotty nail turned out and I also think it was my favourite nail of the mani.

Double glitter on my ring finger
Like me, he has no idea what that is but who cares

Again more glitter and he had no idea what the black and white nail was, but that's whats great about the nails he did for me. He made it all up on the spot, had no idea how to do anything, and still managed to create a pretty impressive mani for a boy!

Both thumbs - Magnetic topped with Barry M
He liked the Models Own sticky fingers

He created all of these nails totally by himself, all I did was a little bit of clean up on the cuticles afterwards which was really quick.

Pretty Impressed with how he did these!
Looked so nice he did it twice

All of this was done freehand with just the brushes that he had on the nail polish itself so I can believe how well these two nails turned out!

He thinks he is so funny
Such a steady hand

I am pretty sure that he only created this nail because of how girlie I am and he added the flower to emphasise this even further.

Also he again just used the brush in the nail polish pot to create the look on my little finger which was incredibly neat considering…

Overall I think he did a great job and I can't thank him enough for helping me out, cheering me up and surprising me with gifts!

It was so cute seeing him concentrating and trying hard. Thank you Jamesy!

How do you think he did?

Have you done this with your partner? Tag me on instagram @kimberlina94 and comment below!

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  1. Hehe this is so cool and sweet! I think he did great! The dotted nail is my favourite too :)

    1. Haha thank you! Funny post ey! Yeah turned out great didn't it :)

  2. This is great! How nice of him to do your nails for you to cheer you up! He really did do a great job! x

    1. I know so kind of him! I am sure he will like these nice comments :) thank you! x


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