Monday, 5 May 2014

Good Things Face Products Review

Two reviews in a day? Aren't you guys lucky…. I recently purchased these two products to add into my facial skincare routine due to a phase of really bad skin and oh my gosh! They are just delightful.

I have really really oily skin so usually by the time I get about half way through the day my make up is melting off my face and it is just really unattractive… It has also meant that I can not apply a moisturiser in the morning before I apply my make up, because it just speeds up the time it takes for my make up not look so fresh. THEN… I came across this Miracle Mattifier in Boots when it was on a 1/3 off offer (Usually £7.99).

I had never heard of this brand before, but anything that is going to help me control my shine is always a product that I am willing to try. This is really the best thing in facial skincare that I have discovered in the past few years or well… ever! I just apply it before my make up and it truly works. I have noticed my make up lasting so much longer, and also I have been able to apply my make up more smoothly. It smells delicious and my skin feels healthier after using it.

After loving this product I then went back to look at what other products Good Things had to offer and bought this Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion (£4.99).

As I have oily skin I also have massive pores and feel like this is the main cause of most of my spots, so I thought id also try out this product. It smells even better than the moisturiser and my skin always feels ten times cleaner after using it than just using a make up wipe before bed. I simply apply this with a cotton pad and then apply my usual night time moisturiser and I have definitely noticed that the amount of spot I have has reduced, and clear up time has also reduced too.

Both products are free from all the nasty things that can irate sensitive skin and also be damaging over time. They are packed full of fruit extracts from super fruits such as Goji Berry and Wild Strawberry.

I will definitely be buying more of there products, and if you want to try them out, you can get them from Boots and their website here.


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  1. Great review! I've been using the Miracle Mattifier for a few years now and I love it! It's such an amazing product and smells great too! I think I might have to try out the Anti Blemish Lotion now! :)

    1. Well its even better that you have been using it for a few years! It must really work!
      and yeah it literally makes your skin feel so clean! you should check it out :)


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