Thursday, 1 May 2014

Models Own - Polish for Tans & Sticky Fingers

Hey guys, so today I am going to be showing you some nails that I created with two of Models Own's recent releases. These are the most recent - Polish for tans, and the fairly new Sticky Fingers.

I absolutely love the Models Own brand…. They create polishes that are really worth buying due to their value for money and they are always high quality! I am yet to discover one of their polishes that doesn't go on smoothly and last for ages. Sooo…..

When they brought out the Sticky Fingers collection I really wanted to try the only colour that was a brand new colour for Models Own and that was a beautiful lime green called Green Galodiola. 

(Sorry about this picture, took this one on my phone)

If you don't know what the Sticky Fingers collection is, it is basically a range of nail polishes that come with a set of nail stickers. The green I chosen comes with the wonderful flowers you can see in my pictures, but at the time it came out I was a little bit broke, so it has taken until now for my to get some! I picked up this polish when their 6 for £20 offer was running online, along with the neon pastel orange I have used that is called Beach Bag. This is from their Polish for Tans range, which consists of a selection of neon paints that are designed to compliment a Tan. Perfect for the upcoming summer.

I chose to use both these polishes together to create a gradient (and I got a few more polishes which I will do other blogs for) and I love how the colours worked together!

Inside this mani looks really cute and pastely, which goes so well with the flowers… but when I go outside it GLOWS! Literally, Beach Bag, looks so bright and vibrant in the sun. Its amazing and I can definitely see how it would compliment a tan, although as a ginger I won't get to experience this… (I know, feel sorry for me).

Also as a ginger I don't usually go for shades of orange because they usually really clash with my hair, but I guess I was feeling bold when I purchased it, and it turns out that I really love the colour and will definitely be wearing it often.

Personally I am really happy with how the mani turned out as it is probably the best gradient I have done. I created it with a wetter sponge than usual, and the sponges were only from Poundland. £1 for a pack of 25. Bargain!

 I love Green Galodiola and it will definitely be one of my new all time favourite colours because it goes well with my hair and the more pastel edge makes it look delicate. Wish I had had this at Easter.

 How cute are the flowers that came with the Sticky Fingers as well?! I love floral nails, so this pack was perfect for me and at only £1 more than their usual polishes you are getting a really good deal. I would say the sheet had about 50 nail stickers on it, so £1 is great!

This is my favourite picture of my nails and I am so proud of how they turned out.

Overall I loved both polishes and would really recommend them. The only downside I found was that it took quite a few layers of topcoat to get rid of the fact you can see the edge around the stickers, but as you can see, after 3 topcoats they look smooth and you can see the edges.

Hope you liked this post and like my nails.

Have you tried either polish? What did you think?

Comment below and if you recreate it feel free to tag me using @kimberlina94.


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  1. You have made me fall in love with both of those colours wow! I really want them for my holidays now! Gorgeous manicure it looks beautiful and it's really making me crave summer :D ! I also have those £1 sponges from Poundland they're great aren't they :p x

    1. Don't they look so pretty?! I am so proud of how these turned out! You should definitely get them… Cant wait for summer either :) oh Poundland is brilliant! Got a blog post on pound land coming up soon! x

  2. Great use of the kit, and the colours go so well together!

    1. Thank you so much! Its so nice to hear positive comments :)


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