Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lip Crayon Review and Comparison

Get ready for a photo packed blog post today folks as I took way more pictures than I realised!
I am going to be looking at different lip crayons that are on the market and choosing my favourite for price, and favourite for quality.
I have picked up 6 different Lip Crayons from my local drugstore, which is Boots, as they seem to be very popular now and I have been using the same one for the last 2 ish years.

Now I would of loved to have picked up the more popular and highly rated lip crayons such as the Clinique Chubby Stick, but I am a student and simply can't afford it.

So here are my cheaper alternatives.

First I picked up the SEVENTEEN and I think (it doesn't say on it) its in the shade Superstar. This was £4.99.

Sorry for the wonkyness of the pictures, I can't work out how to fix it.

This lip crayon is high shine and a nude colour which is exactly the type of lip crayon I needed in my collection, but unfortunately, although it feels great on the lips and slides on easily, the pigmentation is pretty poor and this means your lips look blotchy.

I then came across this Rimmel Colour Rush lip crayon, which I have been dying to try for ages. I can't tell you what colour it is because it again doesn't say on the packaging and I can't see it on, but it is a light coral which is perfect for summer. It was £5.99 and although it is not that pigmented, it looks great on the lips and is shiny without looking wet. I love this one!

This is the Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm in 205 Elusive Insaisissable and sells for £7.99. As the name says, it is a matt balm and is such a beautiful colour. It is a deep baby pink and looks great when going out to dinner! It is probably the most pigmented out of the 6 I have and lasts on your lips for such a long time. Also the best part is that is smells like a winter mint/vanilla blend which is delightful!

This, as you can probably tell from the right picture, is my trusty old No7 High Shine lip crayon and has been in my handbag for a long time, hence all the wear on the packaging. It is a very delicate colour in terms of pigmentation and shine. It is an everyday shade (statement, I think, as I can't see it on the packaging again). 
It is a bit more expensive at £9.00 but it has lasted me long a while.

This is a pretty new release from Models Own and is their Colour Lip Stix in Raspberry. It is a very bright colour and a lot brighter than I expected, but that is my fault for not swatching it first! It was £5.00 which is a good price and is very pigmented. I would definitely wear this on a night out and it slide on super easily!

Lastly is the Bourjois Colour Boost in 05 Red Island. This is an incredibly glossy lip crayon and a very deep red, which can be quite hard to get right in a glossy product, but this is done really well. It retails for £7.99 and like the others is often available on a 3 for 2 offer. It slides on really well and looks great.

Overall, except the SEVENTEEN product, they are all pretty great and offer a range of different styles depending on what you are looking for.

(Swatched in order of review)

Personally my winner on price for what you get is a tie between the Models Own and the Rimmel lip crayons as they are only a pound apart and both give you long lasting coverage and easy usage.

The overall winner, although slightly more expensive is the Revlon Colour Burst. It smells delicious, taste delicious, lasts all day, slides on easily AND looks effortless. I love it and will definitely be buying other colours.

What are your opinions? Do you agree? Comment below and let me know what you think of them whether you have tried them or not.


P.S As you can see I am still sporting my BarryM mani. It has lasted a long time!
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  1. The Revlon colour looks amazing! I think it looks really great on you :) The other colours look really good as well (I really like red lipstick or lip balms!) I actually own two Chubby Sticks by Clinique but don't wear them often enough for their price :/

    1. I wish I could afford the Chubby Sticks just to see what all the fuss is about!
      Thank you! Its definitely my favourite :)


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