Thursday, 31 July 2014

Barry M Gelly Swatches 2014

Another post! Aren't I kind :) So today I have 1 of a few posts that will be continuing in the next few weeks. I was lucky enough to win a MASSIVE goodie bag from Barry M which was absolutely AMAZING. I never expected anywhere near as much as they sent me so I can't thank them enough. 

As they were so so kind I decided to swatch all of the polishes that they sent me and up today I have the first lot of the Barry M Gelly Neutral collection.

I have to say that I have seen swatches of these before and I didn't really think that much of them but I love them in person. I may have just found my new favourite polish here!

All of these have been swatched with 2 coats and no base or top coat to show the true finish. These are honestly so shiny and smooth.

The collection is a range of 4 polishes that are neutral browns and greys. They are all the perfect base for manis to create in the future and here are the pictures.

First up is Olive. This is a lovely dusky green that sounds slightly gross but is actually so pretty. 

Next is Elderberry which is the PERFECT grey. No joke. I have never seen a grey that slides on this beautifully and has so many different hues. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes dark grey. The rest of the time it is a lovely medium grey that truly shines.

Then we have Coconut which is a sort of off white colour that would be the perfect Ivory if needed. I love the tiny yellow tint that gives it a warmer feel and it looks great with any polish.

Finally is my favourite! Almond. Im not a massive fan of brown polishes but oh my gosh as soon as I put it on I fell in love. It is such a warm colour that will be so perfect for Autumn and it looks so pretty int he sun too.

I loved it so much here is a picture with the flash to show the shine.

All of these polishes definitely surpassed my expectations with the formulas being probably the nicest I have used for a while. They dry quickly and actually do live up to the 'Gelly' name unlike some others I have used. These are all without topcoats and they are already so so shiny!

They are so so cheap as well!

Have you tried any of these out yet? Will you run out and buy them now? Get them here

Stay tuned for the rest of the polishes I have swatched and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Let me know what you think below… and I would love to know what you think about the accent nail!


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  1. The accent nail is lovely! How did you do it?

  2. I love the look of Coconut and Almond! I would love to wear those! Great swatches too :D fab pictures xx


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