Sunday, 27 July 2014

Colour Me Crazy - Yellow & Nailsxo Prize

Hey guys! Happy Sunday?! I have two posts in one for you today as I have created my nail art for this weeks Colour Me Crazy - Yellow, using my prize from Nailsxo's amazing competition, which arrived this week and I wanted to show you how generous Emily was and tell you a little bit more about the comp.

So for the weeks Yellow Colour me crazy I was having trouble thinking about nail art to create… I have yellow polishes but I only ever use them for detailing not as an actual base colour so I was really struggling. 

But I decided to just go for it and paint all the nails and simply do nail art on an accent nail. Purely because I have no idea what I would put over the yellow!

The yellow is China Glaze in Sun Upon My Skin and I have to admit, I actually really like the colour when its on! I am not sure how long it will stay on my nails as its quite bright for me and as a ginger I tend to stay away from yellows!

But overall I love how this mani turned out!

I used Barry M in Almond and Matte White, then Collection Lasting Gel in Black, for the accent nail. I will be swatching Almond in the week but oh my gosh it went on so so smoothly and dried quickly and shiny! Cant wait for that post!

Anyway on to the prize….

Emily over at Nailsxo started a little World Cup Nail competition a while back (check out my post for it here) and I was paired with Germany. Amazingly my team WON WOOO… and Emily ever so generously sent me a prize package which was super nice of her!!

This is the design I created for the comp...

Here is what was in the prize package and a few close up pictures. If you want more detail about the items check out Emily's post on the prizes here and please do check out her other posts because she really does have amazing designs and she deserves lovely comments!

I never expected to win and I can't believe how much she sent me so I am incredibly grateful!! Thank you Emily!

I hope you liked this post and make sure you check out Emily's page as well as the other Colour me Crazy - Yellow designs below.


P.S I am a finalist for another competition run my Coloristiq over on Facebook and I would really appreciate it if you could help me by liking the picture and sharing it. I created the Coral Floral nails and it would mean a lot because other than these O.P.I's that Emily sent me I don't have another others and as a nail polish-a-holic I would love some more! No worries if not… vote for the mani you think is best :) Thank you in advance! VOTE HERE.
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  1. Super cute designs! I rarely use yellow as a base as well, but I really like how you paired it with that neutral accent nail. :)

  2. Aw thanks Kimberley what a lovely post! I'm so so glad you liked your prizes! Sorry if the yellow was a bit bright for you :p I love my bright colours :p! Did you get the Sally Hansen Midnight Glitz in your package too? It's not in your picture, I hope it got to you okay :/! xx

  3. This is really cute! And the prizes were well deserved - such a brilliant mani x


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