Sunday, 6 July 2014

Flower Outline Nails

So I have THREE posts for you all ready to go, but I am only going to post two of them today and one tomorrow. Don't get too excited because they are all based on the same mani but they are all different perspectives so Im not trying to cram too much into one post!

I have created this mani based on a picture that I came across on pintrest a long time ago but sadly cannot find now and am having to recreate from memory, so I hope it looks remotely similar. 

I created this mani using nearly all Rimmel Polishes and I have a little tutorial for you! (Now you can get excited) Read to the end for the tutorial!

For this mani I used Rimmels - 5 in 1 Base Coat, I <3 Lasting Finish in Sweet as Sugar, 60 Seconds in Round and Round and 60 Seconds in Grey Matter. Then for the rest I used Models Own polishes but that will be in the other post that I will post later tonight.

There may be some overlap in images used in the posts but Ill try not to too much.

This mani was a little harder to create than I thought but I had some very lovely brushes from Born Pretty Store which will be in the post tomorrow.

I really like how this mani turned out and think it is perfect for summer!

I think with a bit of practice I could get the lines a lot neater and better lined up to the edges of each petal.

So now for the Tutorial woo!

The picture is pretty explanatory and I apologise for you having to see how messy I work until clean up, but I will also write a mini instruction guide.

1. After painting a base coat and your chosen base colour, create grey flower shapes where you would like the flowers to be placed. You can start by creating dots for the centre and lines outwards for petal placement if that helps.
2. Add the centre dot for all the flowers in your chosen colour, I picked yellow.
3. Create the petals leaving a tiny line of the grey visible around all petals and a little triangle shape or grey between the centre dot and the petals.
4. Go over the petals as shown on my index finger. This creates a more smooth and opaque colour.
5. Apply your chosen topcoat and clean up all your mess with nail polish remover/acetone and a thin flat brush.

Ta Daa!

Hope you liked this post and the next one will be up later tonight.


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  1. How cute are these! They look super sweet, I must try this design myself too sometime!

  2. So pretty! Perfect for summer! Brilliant tutorial showing how you made it look outlined with the grey x

  3. These are very pretty hun! :) I love it!


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