Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Born Pretty Store Brushes Review

Ooops! I forgot to publish this yesterday…. SORRY! But anyway here is my final post on the flower outline nails with a review of Born Pretty Store brushes.

So I was kindly sent some products to review from Born Pretty Store and this is my last post on the products that they sent. 
I am a massive fan on teeny tiny brushes for creating nail art and therefore this product was perfect for me!

It is this pack of 12 small brushes which you can buy here. These are £3.79 for TWELVE which is amazing and so far I have tried to use just one of the brushes so I can give you an idea of how well they will last and I am not disappointed at all!

They are such a good size for the kind of nail art I tend to create and the red one which is the one I have been using hasn't malted hair at all.

I would say they are definitely the kind of brushes that need to be taken care of a need to be washed straight after use but they all come with their own individual plastic protector at the top (shown in the images above). And they come in this little packet which I have kept them in so they are easy to find and store together.

The paint on the handle also peels and smudges if you get any kind of acetone or nail polish remover near it but that is easily avoidable and not a problem at all.

The red brush is the brush I used to create this mani I am still wearing and I love the fact that they all come in different colours so I know which ones I used for each colour and if I want to, I can only use that brush with polishes of the same colour, which is handy for white because it can be hard to clean the brushes so well that no colour bleeds into white designs.

I have shown in the pictures above exactly how small they are next to a bottle of Models Own Matte polish and how they compare to the size of the design on my nail.

They really are perfect for creating detailed designs and they were perfect for creating this mani. I do not have a bad thing to say about them and at £3.79 how can you complain?

Also don't forget you can use REDX31 for 10% discount on their website, I hope this code helps you out.

There will also be a new post tomorrow! So no more flower nails…. phew!


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ps Just in case anyone missed it here the the tutorial for how to create this mani.

Written tutorial here.


  1. These brushes look great! - they are so thin too! £3.79 is such a good price! I love the design you created with the brushes too! :)


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