Sunday, 6 July 2014

Models Own Matte vs Hypergel Topcoat

Second Post for the day is comparing two Models Own Topcoats. I am going to re do this post soon hopefully with pictures that show more of a difference but for now I have experimented with the mani I posted earlier today.

I think when I found the earlier image of this nail design on pintrest they were Matte (read previous post if you don't understand) so I wanted to try out creating it as close to as I could remember. BUT as I have recently purchased the Models Own Hypergel Topcoat I was torn…. So I decided to do a comparison.

Sadly I left both the Models Own Hypergel Topcoat and my camera at someones house so I couldn't photograph the bottle and my pictures aren't as good quality as usual but oh well!

The Hypergel Topcoat is GREAT, so shiny and smooth but I would say it take slightly longer to be fully dry than I would like really…. Saying that though, it really does exactly what it says and is one of the shiniest topcoats I have found along with the Rimmel Ultra Shine.

The Matte Topcoat is also great but I don't know whether its just me who feels like it needs to be slightly more matte? Like is still seems kind of shiny. But oh my gosh it feels AMAZING when you rub your fingers across it when its dry. So soft! You have to try it to understand what I mean….

Here is a comparison picture. I realise the Hypergel doesn't look very shiny in this picture but if I get a chance I am going to try and re photograph, so Ill add anymore pictures later.

In the end I decided to keep my nails shiny with the Hypergel Topcoat because I think it brings the flowers to life, but I still do like the Matte.

Both are a great price but the Hypergel is slightly more expensive at £8 while the Matte is only £5. Both are also good quality and last a long time.

What are your opinions? Which do you think works better and have you tried both? Buy both here.

Leave your comments below.

Hope you liked this post.


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  1. Great post! I love matte top coats, they dry so quickly and make things look a bit more interesting in my opinion. That being said I can't decide if I like this mani more glossy or matte... It's super cute both ways!


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