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E.L.F Haul and Review

Hey guys! So seeing as I posted a nail art post yesterday I decided that todays post was going to be make up related which I haven't done for a while… My last make up post was a lip crayon review and is actually my second most popular post of all time so I am hoping that my nail followers don't mind a little make up time.

This month is E.L.F's (Eyes Lips Face) 10th Birthday! Woo congrats Elf. And at the beginning of the month the UK site did a wooping 51% off online orders, even on sale stuff which was amazing… (over £25 only) and of course I just couldn't resist this amazing deal and stocked up my make up bag!

I have placed one order from them before and I absolutely loved the products I got. They are all super cheap and high quality with amazing deals on all the time.

At the moment the 51% discount has finished but they have free shipping and a free gift on all orders in the UK, and if you are lucky enough to be a US customer you get a massive free bundle when you spend $25 so head over and check it out!

I am going to show you what I brought and what my opinions are on the products. I have had them for about a week and used them all enough to know if they are good or not so sorry if they don't look as brand new as they could!

First up is this Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint - Natural. £3.95. Now is appear to be going through a massive lip balm loving phase and this means anything with the word 'moisture' in it thats for lips is a must. This caught my eye because I don't have any tinted lip balms at the moment so I thought I would try it out.

It is available in 8 different shades and I went for the Natural shade as a more subtle look. I love how moisturising it actually is so it does do exactly what it says and will definitely be keeping its new home in my handbag front pocket, but it is slightly shiner than I usually like. Considering how good it makes my lips feel I think I can let that slide and I really recommend this if you have dry lips.

It also has spf 8 which is great for summer and I do really want to try some of the other colours out now too! (Swatch at the end)

Next is this Studio Matte Lip Colour - Coral. When this arrived it wasn't exactly what I was expecting…. Because it comes in such thin packaging, I kind of assumed that this was more of a lip pencil type thing I could apply under Lipsticks for longer wear. It is actually a lipstick that just comes in a thinner applicator type packaging.

It is the most beautiful colour I have ever used in my life and definitely makes me feel like I should be abroad somewhere wearing this colour by the pool. I LOVE IT. So much better than what I thought it was and at £3.95 again how can you go wrong…. and remember I got them all at 51% off so under 2 quid for this! Bargain and lasts for such a long time…

It is a very pigmented formula and slides on incredibly smoothly which is great, so when I haven't brought anything for a while I will be repurchasing this is a few colours! (6 Available)

Next onto face and I brought this Blush - Candied Coral. As you can tell, Coral is definitely my power colour this summer and I am surprised at how much I like it considering I usually stay well clear of orange tones with my ginger hair. This is truly a glowing shade and I much prefer it to my usual bubblgegum pink shades.

All their powders come with the embossed elf logo in the bottom which is such a quality touch and the packaging is very similar to that of Nars and a few people have compared this blush to Nars - Orgasm. I love how the product feels in your hands and the added little mirror is great! Now I have never owned anything from Nars as I can't really justify spending that amount of money but I am overjoyed with this blush and without even trying Nars I am going to say its better! Unless anyone wants to send me the Nars and prove me wrong.. ;) haha.

It slides on so delicately and I will be wearing this all summer long. Again it was £3.95.

Next I brought the Bronzer - Cool. I would have liked to have got the Warm shade but it was out of stock and I am perfectly happy with the one I got.

I only brought this because my bronzer was totally running out and I wouldn't be going into to town anytime soon to replace it. So with 51% off how could I pass? I love how this product looks in the packaging with the same Nars feel and then multicolour squares just make it look so much more exciting.

I can't say that I am going to rave about this product as I find bronzers are all pretty similar but I can't fault it either so with the price being so amazing and the large mirror inside being so handy I will definitely think twice before ever buying one in my local drugstore again.

The colour is a tiny bit dark for me but it just requires a more delicate touch. Again £3.95 which is amazing for its size.

Here is a swatch of all the colours and how they look against my super pale skin. Obviously you can apply more/less depending on the look you want.

Onto tools and I needed a new angled brush for my eyebrows so I go this Small Angled Brush which was £3.95 which is a little expensive compared to their other brushes and the next brush I got, but still amazing and definitely does the job.

The brushes are well manufactured and last a long time which I know from my last order.

I also got this Blending Eye Brush which was an amazing £1.95 so I got it for under £1! wool.. 

It is great for blending eye shadows into your crease and honestly feels so super soft to the touch! Super happy I got this and everyone should get one too!

Lastly is this Zit Zapper, gross I know but lets face it no one has perfect skin and I got one of these last time I ordered and I am liking it so much that I decided I need one to go inside my make up bag for journeys too. I like that it is a rollerball and will definitely get more when these run out but that could be quite a long time as my other one has hardly gone down since I purchased it in January.

Phewww, that was a long post and congrats if you made it to the end. Hope the photos made it slightly more bearable and let me know whether you have any of the products I have mentioned.

I would definitely recommend you trying them out if you haven't and make sure you take advantage of their deals. Click on the product titles and it will take you to the product. Plus checkout the homepage here.

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  1. I have the exact same bedding as you!!! Also LOVE ELF - their creamy blushers are amazing, and just so cheap!


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